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Madonna's Confessions Tour dvd


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  • Madonna's Confessions Tour dvd

    Madonna's Confession Tour is finally here on DVD to own. The entire 2 hour extravaganza, unedited and uncut, in all it's glory... and how glorious it is.

    In Madonna's flashiest concert ever, she does her usual things... girates, offends, uses her middle finger several times, bashes most political figures from Texas and beyond, and dances.

    For those of you who saw the badly edited version we got on NBC and Bravo a few weeks ago, go ahead and take a look now.. We get a 4**** concert that leaves no stone unturned. She goes from the silly (horses in heat), to the sublime (crystal ball crosses), to the glorious (sampling DONNA SUMMER and Abba), to the truly horrific (shots of Condoleeza Rice's ugly face).

    While it's no secret that a good part of the show is pre-recorded and some vocals must be lip-synched due to the demanding choreography, this concert only show what we have known for years: wine gets better with age, and Madge is no different.

    Madonna takes the stage looking FABULOUS in several costumes designed by Jean-Paul Gautier, and she definitely can fill a one-piece leotard with enough stuffing to command the attention of the gayest man on Earth. (No, Doogie Houser was not in da house)

    Madge makes no apologies as she takes us on a musical tour de force.. with a fierce beat that makes you get up and dance along... and trust me... I caught myself doing just that as I walked to the kitchen to grab some snacks.. As the beat goes on, she manages to bring her points and ideology across. Among some of today's dilemmas exposed on the screen are the plight of muslem women, gay love, religious fanatism, war, bad presidents and prime miniters, animal cruelty, terrorism, child abuse and such... The whole thing is so in your face that it leaves you gasping for a bit of air.

    While the concert is intended to sell her lastest and best album ever, Madonna manages to tickle our fancy with inclusion of such classic hits such as "Like a Virgin", "Isla Bonita", "Let it Be" and few other newer hits from previous albums. Sorely missed here is Madonna's original dance anthem "Into the Groove".

    As usual, Madonna includes two songs that for some reason she seems to LOVE performing live... the obligatory 1st hit "Lucky Star", here getting "Hung Up" treatment, and the least favorable "Live to Tell". What is it with that song she loves so much?? Lastly... two older songs get brilliant remakes for the stage..."Music" with a Disco Inferno fusion, and the ultra cool singing version of "Erotica", which I *lovelovelove* ... much better than the spoken version released on the album back in the 90s. With such long and impressive resume, I was left hoping for some other Madonna hits to be included here...such as "Take a Bow", "Bedtime Story" and "Frozen", but that is not meant to be.

    The concert also features my favorite dancer from her previous show.. a guy I do not know by name.. but he is just so easy on the eyes, with fun personality, and a crafted upper torso on which I would put the tip of my fingers and slowly glide my hand down to his navel. He is the one featured in the "my father hit me hard" cofessions segment... later seen with tongue sticking out during Music roller skate inferno number. I won't tell you what I would do with his tongue either.

    <--takes moment to compose himself

    With all of the fuss about Madonna lip-synch-ing on this, there are those truly great moments from the concert cut out on the TV version we saw weeks ago. Madonna with friend Isaac take to the stage to perform "Drowned World/Substitute for Love" and my favorite ""Paradise (Not for Me)". Here, the concert puts the furious disco beat aside and goes acoustic. It's the best part of the concert, really.

    All in all.. this concert is a MUST-Have for Madonna fans. A truly enjoyable 2-hours that will leave you breathless and exhausted. Or maybe I am too old for all this excitement??

    As a bonus...the DVD comes with a special audio CD version of the show, which includes 13 of the 21 songs performed live.

    I give it a resounding 4 star rating!!!
    Go buy it now while sales are in effect.

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    Re: Madonna's Confessions Tour dvd

    I so need to see it


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      Re: Madonna's Confessions Tour dvd

      I saw part of it aired on television and didn't like the way she mixes the songs on it. And, I am a Madonna fan from the 80's! I've followed her career all the way through.
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        Re: Madonna's Confessions Tour dvd

        I actually do like the changes they make to the songs, but this dvd is worth it for the takes that didn't make it on TV. Those are the moments when Madonna shines on this concert. She will have the last word, and she does...on stage. Maybe you could rent this on Blockbuster if you do not want to spend the money..


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