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Beach Patrol- San Diego Possibly the Best Worst Show on TV


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  • Beach Patrol- San Diego Possibly the Best Worst Show on TV

    Ok, so court TV has a show called, Beach Patrol, which is like COPS, but for lifeguards. It is the worst show ever, that has the best potential. Here is why it sucks:

    -Over -production they insist on putting in extra siren sound effects, when they are not there in the first place. For example, they will load some minor injured person into an Ambo, and start to drive away. Now clearly, the AMBO is not going Code 3 (lights and sirens) but for some reason, the producers insist on placing in siren sound effects in post-production. Why God, why?

    -Writing. These writers really do a tragic job of making everything seem SO dramatic. It is amazing. Here is a sample of last night's excellence. "lifeguards RACE to save the victim of a knee dislocation. It is urgent that she gets vital care and transportation to the hospital" Uhh, no, not really it isn't. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

    Content- some of the stuff the lifeguards do makes them really unlikeable. They gave a bunch of tourists tickets for jumping off a small cliff into the water. Instead of educating them on why they shouldn't do it, they just cited them.

    Still, it is funny to watch, as long as it lasts, which shouldn't be too long.

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