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Figment Movie Reviews: "Madagascar"


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  • Figment Movie Reviews: "Madagascar"

    Ok.. Good afternoon.... I am back form the local Movico.... Enjoyed a 2:15p.m. est showing of Madagascar. I went to get out of the house and see something thats not star wars.. (Movico's theaters had 5 screens for Star Wars and 4 for Madagascar)

    Now for my Review:
    I enjoyed this movie with it's music and characters.. (most of the music is olde but well incorporated with the animation...)

    The characters entrances are lovable.. the Penguins are hilarious and great comic release.... that and the monkeys are great as well.. (Pay attention to the ASL... I think most was correct.. hard to tell from the angle..)

    While some CGI wasn't great others such as the ship and beach was flawless almost... I highly recommend this movie for anyone who is bored.. or needs to see a movie...

    Rating: 8 out of 10 figments...

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    We saw it today. My best friend (who is obessed with all things giraffe), my son and I all enjoyed it. The only thing we didn't care for was the ending. I am expecting Madagascar 2: The New Island and Madagascar 3: Back to New York to happen in the next 4 years.


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      I can only expect Madagascar II to happen... where they get captured... and sent somewhere else.... maybe San Fransisco Zoo...


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        how was chris rock as a zebra?
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          Not bad... verry good..


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