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Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

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  • Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

    It's no Frisco, Texas but $8 Billion bones could build a pretty sweet park.
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    Re: Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

    I've been expecting a Persian Gulf Disneyland for some time.

    No one does man-made travel destinations like Disney, and certain people in the region are intent on transforming some of the economies there from being based on oil to being driven by tourism.

    The Prince is a Disney enthusiast, and he is partly responsible for rescuing Disneyland Paris. So, this deal seems quite plausible.


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      Re: Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

      I just don't see it happening.


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        Re: Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

        There's no way this is happening. Remember the French's first reaction to EuroDisney? Multiply that by about five thousand. A blatantly American institution, which represents virtually everything extremists in that part of the world despise (not to say they're all extremists, mind you), in the Middle East? The thing might as well have giant targets on all the walls. Disney knows better than to invest money and reputation in such an unstable part of the world; it's the same reason they generally only build parks in areas with moderate weather conditions, which the Middle East doesn't have either.
        Chalk this one up with about as much credit as the earlier rumors of Singapore and Indonesia.
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          Re: Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

          The sheik may very well be getting the money together to build a Disney-like park, but I doubt that Disney will work with them to make it an actual Disney park. They could probably pay for Disney consulting work, but it would be cheaper to hire Michael Jackson.
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            Re: Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

            time for thread merge...


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              Re: Next Disney Park: "Disney Bahrain"

              why couldnt it be like tokyo? someone else own it but license the brand name? that makes more sense then disney wouldn't lose money and the prince could have what he wants. a disney park to employ all those poor people so he can keep more of his oil money.