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Bridge to Terabithia


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  • Bridge to Terabithia

    getting excited for this movie? plans to see it? have you read the book?

    me? i didn't know anything about the story until the movie was on the way. i was planning to take my two DDs to it at the El Cap our next SoCal visit (too bad it didn't coincide with Meet the Robinsons but it doesn't).

    to prep for it, i bought my 8-yr old the book and we've started to read it - very good so far but...... it seems pretty apparent that Disney's marketing is pretty much mis-representing the film. I know now what's in store, and this is definitely not another Narnia. We'll just see if DD still wants to see the movie after finishing the book, and now with her 5-yr old sister, we may be skipping the trip to the El Cap.

    the movie does look awesome though for the fantasy world, i just now understand it ain't the main part of the book. The alternative may just be a trip to the local theater with my 8-yr old, and skip the El Cap - we'll see.......

    like i said, my preference for the El Cap is Meet the Robinsons. :shy:
    a friend of Walt.

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