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Going to Minneapolis? Check Out 'The Dreamer'!


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  • Going to Minneapolis? Check Out 'The Dreamer'!

    Going to Disney Meeting in Minneapolis? Check Out 'The Dreamer'!

    If you are traveling to Minneapolis for The Walt Disney Company Annual Meeting, or live in the area, you will want to know of a very special film about Disney's animators, "Dream On, Silly Dreamer," screening near the Convention Center one day prior to the meeting...

    “I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past.” -- Walt Disney

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    I saw Dreamer! It was awesome!

    Dream on Silly Dreamer was a great film! Director Dan West and producer Tony West did an amazing job. Not only are the kind people, but they also care about those who view their film.

    I went to the screening the day before the 2005 shareholder's meeting here in Minnesota. I felt they did a great job of telling the story and it almost made me cry. (It takes a lot for me to cry and they were close to doing so.) Roy Disney attended the showing after me where he got an applause from the crowd. Overall I feel this is the first step in the right direction to bring the attention back to the company about what they have left behind.

    There would not be a company without feature film animation. That is how it was built and funded to say the least. To literally throw that all away is disheartening and that is what this film shows. It shows former animators reflecting and looking into the foggy future of animation for the Walt Disney Company. Hopefully, they will return. Sadly, return too late.

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