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  • least favorite disney movie

    we all have our favorites, that movie that holds a special place in our hearts but which Disney movie do you wish would have never been made!..please give a reason

    for me it's 'home on the range' this was such a piece of crap! it had absolutely no Disney magic, the plot was awful, i had no interest whats so ever in ANY of the characters, and probably the biggest insult to me being a Disney villain fan WAS THE VILLAIN, he stole cows by yodeling! AL in all it was a pain to sit thru this movie, and i felt that no love went into this movie it's like Disney needed a movie so they went with the first crappy idea that came their way.

    the runner up for this category would be dinosaur

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    Re: least favorite disney movie

    IMHO Dinosaur was one of the worst. Although, I know a few people who enjoy it.
    It just seemed to weak of a plot.
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      Re: least favorite disney movie

      I am not a fan of The Fox and The Hound. I don't like the message at the end of the movie...I'm a hound and you're a fox and since we're different, we can't be friends. Not something I want my children seeing.


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        Re: least favorite disney movie

        For me it's Pinnochio. (Did I spell that right?) Anyhoo, I can't stand more than a few minutes at a time of that movie. :yuck:
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          Re: least favorite disney movie

          ...the updated version of "The Parent Trap" with Lindsay Lohan.

          Hello? You cannot CANNOT remake a classic. I can actually say that I loathe this movie - even the thought of it churns my stomach.


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            Re: least favorite disney movie

            Pretending that the direct to dvd movies never existed, I have a couple:

            -Home on the Range -- What would have made a wonderful short subject was dragged out for an unfun adventure with annoying Roseanne Barr as a cow. Although a highlight is always the colorful animation and a standout Alan Menken score.

            -Brother Bear -- Wonderful animation, yes... but it can't save how boring this film is. Songs written by Phil Collins don't seem to be a good match here either.

            -Treasure Planet -- I often wonder if the failure of this film is because they put the story in space, or if it was just meddled with too much from upper management. I didn't like the alien character designs, as they felt distracting to me.... especially Scroop (sarcasm: oh i didn't realize he was going to be a bad guy!). Great animation and a wonderful James Newton Howard score though!

            -The Aristocats -- felt like a retread of 101 Dalmations.

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              Re: least favorite disney movie

              Most of the direct to home DVD...ok I lie, ALL of those.

              Herbie: Fully Loaded. It was an insult to the real lovebug films of the past and to us lovebug fans.


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                Re: least favorite disney movie

                Well okay...if you insist. -clears throat-

                * Most of Direct-To-Video/DVD sequels. Especially The Little Mermaid 2, Cinderella II, and Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. Ariel didn't need a clone...sorry daughter, we didn't need to know about Cindy's life after her 'Happily Ever After', and Quasimodo didn't need a girlfriend. 'Nuff said, right?

                * remakes of The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Remakes seem about as bad as direct to video sequels. ^^;

                * Princess Diaries 2. Phew...what can I say about this one? First off, the boy she liked in the first one is NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. I actually liked his character in 1...he was not a hunky looking guy (and he wasn't supposed to be!), but he was cute. Anyways he was replaced by two "Beefcake" princes...which in all honesty really kind of threw me, because she was just starting an adorable relationship with that other kid in 1, and...yeah. That made me sad. Also, and sorry if you're a fan of her, but Raven Symone...excuse me, -why- does she need to be in this movie again? >_O

                * The Haunted Mansion. I like the costumes/ghost effects, like the film score, like the mansion itself in the movie. However, the plot...Jennifer Tilly...Eddie Murphy...ehhh...NO. Sorry to put it bluntly, but that's all i'll say about that movie, I've ranted enough on it in the past. xD


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                  Re: least favorite disney movie

                  Cinderella II
                  Cinderella III
                  Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
                  101 Dalmatians the live-action remake
                  102 Dalmatians
                  101 Dalmatians 2
                  Bambi 2
                  Return to Neverland
                  The TinkerBell Movie
                  Winnie the Pooh's Grand Adventure
                  The Tigger Movie
                  The Piglet Movie
                  The Heffalump Movie
                  Jungle Book 2
                  Fox and the Hound 2
                  That Darn Cat remake
                  Parent Trap remake
                  Parent Trap 2
                  Parent Trap 3
                  Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon
                  Herbie Fully Loaded
                  Beverly Hills Family Robinson
                  The Shaggy Dog remake (really, it's a remake of the Shaggy D.A.)
                  The Haunted Mansion
                  The Country Bears

                  ...and oh, so many more.... (not that I saw that many of these, but they should never have been made).


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                    Re: least favorite disney movie

                    I really didn't care for Atlantis. The Hanted Mansion was a big dissapointment. Generally, the Bambi II's and Cinderella II's are simply sell outs though the Lilo & Stitch sequels seem to maintain the original charm.

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                      Re: least favorite disney movie

                      I agree with Merlin's list above. Anything with a II, III, or 4.5 after it should automatically go in the trash bin.

                      Add to that those animated features that came out during dark ages of the 70's and early 80's. If you watch the Aristocats, Fox and the Hound, and Robin Hood, the timing of these films is completely off. In each of these films there are awkward silences, dialogue that doesn't move comfortably, story problems, and some of the worst music to ever come from the Disney Studio. (The lady singing that Fox and the Hound tune makes my skin crawl.) It is with these movies that Walt's absence can be felt the most.
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                        Re: least favorite disney movie

                        Originally posted by TicTocDragon View Post
                        IMHO Dinosaur was one of the worst. Although, I know a few people who enjoy it.
                        It just seemed to weak of a plot.
                        Ditto. Exactly what I was going to say.

                        And POTC 2. ....What? Why are you all looking at me like that?


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                          Re: least favorite disney movie

                          Most of the part II/III movies.
                          Stuff like Leroy and Stich and the oh so awful Tower of Terror
                          IMO - YMMV - FYIGM


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                            Re: least favorite disney movie

                            Herbie: Fully Loaded isn't a remake, btw. If you saw it, it should've been clear in the opening credits that it wasn't. However, it also was far from the worst of the Herbie movies.

                            I'm sorry... I just can't hate something purely because it's a remake or a sequel. It's obvious some people are adding things to this list without actually seeing them. Or jumping on the hating bandwagon.

                            If you want to hate thing, hate the ones that really deserve hating.

                            Like Fox & the Hound. The Rescuers (but not the Rescuers Down Under). Tower of Terror. 90% of the Disney Channel Movies made in the past 10 years. Most of the direct to video sequels up through about the time of Hunchback 2 (the stories and quality improved greatly after that).


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                              Re: least favorite disney movie

                              The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Really that's the only Disney movie I hate. I disllike most of those sequals but I hate hunchback.


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