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Walt Disney and the 1941 Animators Strike


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  • Walt Disney and the 1941 Animators Strike

    I know we like to have a bunch of light hearted discussions about Cartoons here, but I want to learn more about a more serious issue. I want to talk about the 1941 animators strike. Was it caused by communism? I believe I read somewhere that Herb Sorrell was the man who organized the strike and was associated with communist parties who tried to slander Walt's name. Because of this, Walt had to testify in front of the House of Un-Americans Committee. Around this time is when the urban legend of Walt being Anti-Semetic began to spread.

    My question is, was there more to the strike than what I stated? Did people such as Herb start this strike as a way of slandering Walt while making it seem like they cared for the employees? Or did people like Herb really want to help the Disney employees out?

    If I got any of this screwed up or left out something, please feel free to correct me.

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    Re: Walt Disney and the 1941 Animators Strike

    (Bumped out of the Cartoon Lovers Club)


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      Re: Walt Disney and the 1941 Animators Strike

      Walt's Thoughts in Audio
      The 1941 Strike

      Here, Walt gives his own view on what, according to author and historian Bob Thomas, was a "cataclysmic event" in his life: the Strike of 1941.

      The Summer Strike
      The Smear Campaign
      Strangers in the Picket Line
      Crossing the Lines
      Go Get a Union!
      The Strike's Impact
      "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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