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New DVD Releases


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  • New DVD Releases

    There are some real goodies this time around. All these are from the Video News news magazine we get at the store. As always release dates can be changed.

    I am sure that most people are already aware that the first season of Beauty and the Beast TV shows from the 1987-88 CBS TV show has already been released. This is an excellent set of 6 discs and this show is probably the best of the romantic TV shows ever done. It starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perleman in the title roles.

    Also, last year Disney released Dinosaurs, the TV show seasons one and two in a boxed set. Well the first good news is this.

    Dinosaurs, Season Three and Four will be released in a a four-disc boxed set on May 1st. This will complete the series.

    Eragon (In 2 versions, Regular one disc Wide Screen and Full screen sets and then a deluxe 2 disc widescreen version with lots of extras and an interactive look at Eragon's world) will be released on March 20th.

    Happy Feet will be released March 27th.

    Arthur and the Invisibles on April 10th.

    Night at the Museum (Again two sets, one regular and a 2-disc deluxe set) on April 24th.

    Loonatics (The Looney Tunes crew in the future from the series on the WB network) season in April.

    Also, for you old timers who grew up with black and white TV in the 50's comes a show that hasn't been in syndication for many years, or only available on video on some really bad transfers to budget VHS, comes something really special:

    The best of Ozzie and Harriet super deluxe 4 disc set on May 1st. This will contain what the remaining members of the Nelson family consider to be the very best of the shows. Also included will be biographies on the cast and a special on Ricky Nelson and his career as a teen idol and music legend.
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    Re: New DVD Releases

    Thanks for info


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      Re: New DVD Releases

      Borat comes out on DVD March 6th. :yea:


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        Re: New DVD Releases

        I wish I had a lot of money because I would like to by a lot of these new releases.


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          Re: New DVD Releases

          Borat: March 6
          Peter Pan deluxe edition: March 6
          Casino Royale: March 13


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            Re: New DVD Releases

            Wow. I guess I am going to have to be saving up the $$$. I want Dinosaurs, Happy Feet, and Night at the Museum. Some of the others like Eragon, I will wait for 6 months or so and the price will be real low. Can't believe now the prices on some DVD's that I paid higher prices for. I don't always get around to watching them right away anyway, so I'll wait for the prices to go down.


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              Re: New DVD Releases

              Can't wait for Borat. But I can wait for the wrestling scene.


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