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Iger: Disney wants Web to ad up - The Hollywood Reporter, 3/6/07


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  • Iger: Disney wants Web to ad up - The Hollywood Reporter, 3/6/07

    The Hollywood Reporter, 3/6/07
    Iger: Disney wants Web to ad up

    Because moviegoers are demanding it, distribution windows will do some further shrinking, so movie studios should work closely with the exhibition industry to ensure that consumers get what they want without inflicting pain on theater owners, the Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger said Monday.

    In a wide-ranging presentation at the Bear Stearns Media Conference in Palm Beach, Fla., Iger also said that next-generation DVDs "will take over," Internet downloads do not cannibalize other distribution formats and the newly designed is an enormous opportunity for advertisers.

    Iger said that in the month since its relaunch, has been streaming about 100 million videos per week, and Disney intends to better monetize all that action via online ads.

    "The advertising industry is behind where it should be," he said, and Disney intends on educating them as to the opportunities that its new-media initiatives hold.
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