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'Meet the Robinsons'

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  • 'Meet the Robinsons'

    Wow, what a fantastic movie it turned out to be!

    I was a little sceptical about seeing it, since Chicken Little wasn't really all that fantastic. But this movie was Lasseter through and through! You could feel that 'Pixar' spirit through out the whole movie. The Jokes, the pratfalls, and the story line. It was heart warming.

    Even though a few of the things you should have figured out by the end, I.E. Wilber being Lewis' son and the family thing, it was still a very great story. I'm sure it was based on a pretty good book, too. Some of the lines had that classic Disney cheese, "I never thought my dad would turn out to be my best friend..." and what not, it was still one of the better Disney movies I've seen in a long time.

    Could Pixar breathe into life a dying Disney? Could this be the third peak of the Disney life? I'm guessing it is that and more...

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    Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

    Is this a 3D movie?


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      Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

      Originally posted by barfownz View Post
      Is this a 3D movie?
      At some venues.

      I agree. It is a wonderful film. I have great hope for the future of Disney animated films.


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        Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

        OK so I just got back from seeing it in 3D at the El Capitan.

        The 3D looked good and didn't strain my eyes. And they did a Donald Duck cartoon in 3D before the movie, which was cool.

        The movie itself was.... odd. Frankly I thought the first three fifths of the movie were way too A.D.D. frantic, I didn't identify with any of the characters, and the "plot" (if you can find one) was yawn inducing. It was like watching scenes fly by for no apparent reason. When it got to the dinner sequence I would have left the movie had I not been with other people.

        Then... during the last two fifths of the movie it sort of redeemed itself. Suddenly you went...... OH, so THAT'S where Lasseter's been hiding! And then it got a shell of a plot and a heart. The very last thing on screen though (the quote from Walt Disney) was groan-inducing over-the-top manipulative for those that like that sort of thing.

        The animation quality itself was ok, nothing too special. The voice acting was pretty cruddy with the exception of the villain and Laurie Metcalfe as the coffee patch lady. As far as brainiac kids are concerned, Jimmy Neutron and his friends were WAY more endearing.

        So overall, yes, it was MUCH MUCH better than Chicken Little. Which isn't saying a lot, I know. But Chicken Little I'd give a 2/10, and Meet the Robinsons gets a 6/10. A step in the right direction for sure, but Mickey, we sure as heck ain't in Pixar.
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          Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

          Just got back from seeing it (not in 3D though)
          And I loved it. It was so wacky and random and ridiculous that it was great

          I really liked the characters and the scenery and the plot.
          Yeah it was kind of fast-paced and ADD but I thought it was a lot of fun!
          I haven't laughed out loud in a theater like that in a long time

          Yeah, I guessed pretty much all of the plot "twists" but it was... i dunno, more adult than most kid movies tend to be. Which IMHO is a good thing

          And Tom Selick!!! So random but so amazing!


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            Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

            I saw the movie already last sunday, because in Austria we had several pre-premieres and I liked the movie very much. Althought I have to say that it wasn't as funny as "Chicken little" or "In the wild". It is a movie for the whole family and I think both parents and children will like the film.

            In our version of the movie, Lewis tells in the future that he comes from Switzerland, which is part of Austria. So I want to know if this is similar to the US-version?

            The greatest part of the movie was the end with Walt's motto.

            All in all I liked the movie very much.

            Nice greetings from Austria!!!


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              Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

              so me and a group of my friends went and saw it and out of the 8 of us there wasnt a single person that didnt like it. there were a couple of times that it had us laughing until we were crying, it felt like most of the audience didnt get the jokes...our humor is a bit more random which is probably why we identified with it so well. i strongly recommend it in 3D, it was an all around fun movie!


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                Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                Originally posted by Dagobert View Post
                In our version of the movie, Lewis tells in the future that he comes from Switzerland, which is part of Austria. So I want to know if this is similar to the US-version?
                In the U.S. version he says he is from Canada, which has since become the state of North Montana.


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                  Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                  Loved It!!!!!!!! Maybe a Disney classic huh, huh??????????? Everyone should go see this movie. It was outstanding.
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                    Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                    I think as the jokes are so fast and random, it reminded me of Emperor's New Groove. Other than that, it was completely its own film. And I loved it. Even the forced nausea "aaaaaaaaaaaw"! moments (and I'll admit, I did go awwwwwwwwwwww!!!).

                    two thumbs up Three for the Tom Selleck jokes.


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                      Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                      Saw the 3d version last night...

                      Thought it was great. I agree the humor reminded me of emporer's new groove, which is good cause that was a funny movie. Nice 3d too, comfortable, nicely rendered and not over the top.

                      This movie is very funny, a bit predictable but it didnt matter because it was engaging nonetheless.

                      It was at times frantic, moving, smart, beautiful to look at, and of course funny!

                      Welcome back WDFA and kudos for Lasseter for making sure it was up to snuff and Anderson for delivering a great romp.

                      Personnally loved the Walt quote. Said something more about the direction of WDFA starting with this film.


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                        Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                        I wish we could return to traditional animation!
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                          Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                          Originally posted by Walt Jr. View Post
                          I wish we could return to traditional animation!
                          It's on its way with The Frog Princess!

                          I loved Meet The Robinsons, and so did my two boys. I love the characters at the Robinson's house that came straight from the William Joyce book. I got a little teary eyed at the end when he got adopted and teary eyed again with Walt's quote. (The quote went by so quick, did anyone copy it down?) The best character was Gob. Someone mentioned that he is straight out of Charlie Brown and I agree. He reminded me of Luinus and I just wanted to take him home with me!

                          Does anyone know where I can get a tiny model of the time machines? They are so cool!

                          Go see this movie!

                          EDIT: Oh, I found the quote on Sue Kruse's review.

                          "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.
                          We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things
                          ... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
                          - Walt Disney
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                            Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                            MTR was an abolutely wonderful movie. By far BEST animated film since at least 2001's Monsters Inc. This, in my opinion, was a TRUE Disney Classic. And I would like to thank STEPHEN ANDERSON and his crew. THEY are the ones who put their time and effort into this. THEY are the ones who made this the great movie it is, and so I tip my hat to them.

                            The story was great, the comedy was delightful (and unlike EVERY other recent animated movie (Cars included), never once resorted to fart jokes), the characters were excellent, the animation was simply stunning (as was the 3D) and the WHOLE movie was just wonderful. The only thing I am sad to say is that it won't get nearly as much as it deserves. Also, Lasseter is going to get all the credit even though it's Stephen Anderson that deserves it. This is the first film since MI that actually made me cry.

                            So please, go see it, take your friends, your family, yourself.... just go see it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get the chills.

                            My Rating: 10/10
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                              Re: 'Meet the Robinsons'

                              Keep in mind, this movie was mostly completed when Lasseter got his first screening. He said it seemed a bit too much like a movie made by committee, talked to the director telling him to tell his own story. Apparently, some minor fixes really helped. So, if it doesn't show the Lasseter touch through the whole film, there's a reason.

                              Just got back from seeing it. I very much enjoyed it. SOOOO much better than Chicken Little.

                              And I haven't seen that Donald Duck toon in 3-D since the late 80s, so it was nice to see in 3-D once again. One question about that, though. I remember hearing one of the 9 old men commenting that once Walt found out that he couldn't do cartoons in 3-D, he didn't jump on the 3-D bandwagon. Anybody know where I might've heard this? As far as I know, during Walt's time, only the Mickey Mouse Jamboree, Adventures in Music, and this Donald Duck toon were done in 3-D. Was he not happy with the end results of Adventures in Music and this Donald toon?

                              I did quite enjoy the "getting back to the roots" thing that was happening here, though, with this Donald toon, the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo, and the Walt Disney quote at the end.