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Anyone have the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack?


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  • Anyone have the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack?

    I'm curious wether I should buy it or not...I downloaded the opening track and it sounds nothing like the opening track from the movie, or any track from the movie actually...anyone have the soundtrack? Am I just downloading a fake version? Or is the version on the soundtrack have weird chanting instead of war drums after the text!

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    The soundtrack CD is awesome and as a bonus you get, for FREE, a 70 minute DVD of all six Star Wars movies set to music from them. The actore who portrays Palpatine provides an into to each sequence if you desire, or you can watch all six in sequence with only an opening narrative. This alone is worth the price of the CD. The soundtrack itself is just wonderful, as is this final movie. I don't know about the donwloaded version, but its the same music as I heard in the movie.
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      All I'm going to say is that the 13 minute last track from the end credits is AMAZING and worth it.


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        Duel of the Fates is not on the soundtrack...probably since you can just get it on the Phantom Menace soundrack. I like this soundtrack..much different, darker tone (obviously). John Williams never ceases to amaze me.
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          I have it and even if I didn't love it, I'd still buy it. I collect all of John Williams soundtracks. He is brilliant. Love him!


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            Originally posted by Michelle
            All I'm going to say is that the 13 minute last track from the end credits is AMAZING and worth it.
            Yes yes!

            I'm not playing Jedi mind tricks on you when I say to go and buy it.


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              I want it. I can't buy anymore though... But I do have the original 1977 (Episode IV) record album (2 record set) with free poster. I love it!


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                Originally posted by Cuzco-topia
                John Williams never ceases to amaze me.
                He has been lacking lately, his scores have been so redundant, so like his previous work in other my HUMBLE opinion, but with Star Wars, he works very well, with Ep. 1 & 2 even though I hated the movies, I was impressed with the soundtracks and new themes he created...especially with Duel of fates and even the love theme between Padme and Anakin...he did a great job with Star Wars and linking the newer soundtrack with the older one...I hope he gets some oscar recognition (at least a nomination) for it.
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                  Yeah he's gotten kinda repetitive over the years, but who could blame him, eventually anyone would run out of musical themes after doing as many movies as he has. One example being the soundtrack from the Quidditch scene in Harry Potter 2 is almost exactly the same as the air speeder chase in Episode II.


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