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The Berm of the Ocean - My DCL West Coast Experience (June 4th - 11th)


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  • The Berm of the Ocean - My DCL West Coast Experience (June 4th - 11th)

    Hi all!

    I wanted to get this thread started, but I won't put a full trip report in one post, because it would take pages, plus several days, and I'm still sorting out my 800+ pictures that I took last week. So, I'm going to report stuff as I get around to it here, and answer any questions.

    For starters, let me just say that you know that "WOW" feeling you experience at times? Imagine having that feeling constantly, every minute, for 7 days straight. From the moment I boarded the Magic, she lived up to her name. Once again, I was filled with wonder from days of yore. And that sense of wonder never ceased, not even for the slightest moment.

    It was such a true vacation, that I even forgot what my home looked like, probably because I *was* home - there on the Magic. In fact, they even have a "Welcome Home" banner that hangs above the gangway for when you return from port excursions.

    I cried when I had to leave. I could easily live there and never want to be any place else. We even joked about stowing away on one of the lifeboats.

    By the first day, we made the decision to be on the repositioning cruise for when the Magic returns to the West Coast again (hopefully permanently). We even bought the plastic bank that looks like the ship so we can start saving now, and let the countdown begin. And according to one of the ship's staff, he said there just may be an "announcement" in the next couple months. He wouldn't say more, but just grinned widely with a twinkle in his eye when I told him of our plans to be on the Magic again for her return to the West Coast in the future.

    So, what's in a name? With the Disney Magic - EVERYTHING.

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    Oh, yeah! I've been waiting for your reports!

    We actually ordered the Cruise DVD, and were kind of disappointed by the cheese factor. It sounds a lot more elegant/nice when I talk to people on-line. How was it being adults-only? Were there tons of unruly kids? How was the food? Did you have any spa treatments? Do tell, do tell!

    Interesting about the 'announcement'. I'm hoping for an Alaskan itinerary in 2007!


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      from what I have been hearing, a new cruise ship is under construction and the magic will be returning to the west coast permanently in 2007...........
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        The Disney Magic will return in 2008, the test was successful and they have started building a new Ship for the East Coast.

        Glad you had a great time! Can hardly wait for more details! In less than 7 days I will experience the "Magic" also!!!!!!
        Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
        it's what they are like in their HEART!

        - Wolfette


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          Originally posted by wolfy999
          The Disney Magic will return in 2008.
          My gods, it would be a dream come true. (Geesh, I'm already getting misty-eyed from it.)

          Glad you had a great time! Can hardly wait for more details! In less than 7 days I will experience the "Magic" also!!!!!!
          We need to meet-up some evening this week, if you have time. Give me a call!! I have a LOT to tell you and advice to give (including still possibly getting the Dolphin Swim excursion), as well as give you a coupon book to use at the ports that we purchased, but didn't use. You guys are going to have the time of your life.


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            Originally posted by millionairegirl
            How was it being adults-only?
            Fantastic. There are SO many activities for all ages, that there is never a boring moment. Cocktails are only $4.75, $6.75 in a souvenir glass. They're large drinks, and wonderful ones too, using top-shelf liquors. There's even a 2-for-1 margarita day. There's also an adult-only cafe and pool, which is very quiet and relaxing.

            Were there tons of unruly kids?
            Kids are VERY well-behaved. However, you won't encounter them too often, because there are seperate supervised children's programs that last from morning until evening, and even a teen club that is open until 2am.

            How was the food?
            Exquisite. I'll put it this way - it puts Club 33 food to shame. Food is served in perfect portions, so you can sample a good variety of stuff and "indulge without the bulge". Also, the servers are fantastic people, who very quickly learn what your favorite things are.

            Did you have any spa treatments?
            We had the "Couples Massage" that was included in our Romantic Escape add-on package. Once there, we were given the option of either the full-body massage, or the "Spa Sampler" treatment, which included a full back and leg massage plus a facial. We chose the latter, and it was great. The therapists really know how to give a massage, and even massaged and relaxed our faces too. I can still see and feel the effects, and it's been over a week since our treatment! (We did it on the first day - Sunday.)

            I'll go into a lot more detail of each aspect soon.


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              Oh, it sounds great! We're going to Ireland next year, so no cruise until at least 2007. Hopefully they'll be doing Alaska by then, but I'd be willing to do Western Caribbean too.

              What kind of stateroom did you have? Do you think a verandah would be worth it?


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                Originally posted by millionairegirl
                What kind of stateroom did you have? Do you think a verandah would be worth it?
                We had a standard inside stateroom, which is 180 sq. feet. (Quite large for a cruiseship.) The only downside to an inside stateroom is that you get very disoriented when waking up in the morning, because you can't tell it's daytime. We used a nightlight and it helped somewhat, but we've decided to get at least a porthole next time, if not a veranda. I think the verandas are worth it, because I personally like spending a lot of time looking out over the ocean, and I can't think of a better way to wake up. If you're looking for a bit more personal and quiet space and like to "wave watch", then a veranda's the way to go.


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                  The Magic of Safety

                  About an hour before the ship sets sail, everyone is required to participate in the lifeboat drill. Information is listed on the back of the stateroom doors, including how to wear your life vest and to which location you need to report. Once the alarm sounds, guests must secure their life vests and make way to their assigned locations. Cast Members are stationed throughout the walkways to assist in any questions and direct traffic.

                  Our meeting place happened to be Animator's Palate. As you can see from the photo below, it was quite the party. Featured are my parents and Frodo Potter, adorned in the finest "safety orange".



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                    DP this sounds so fun!!! I love hearing about your trip!!!! MORE MORE MORE
                    Katie :yea:
                    Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
                    :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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                      A Magic-al Bon Voyage

                      The terminal at the Port of Los Angeles is beautifully adorned, with many bright colors, and golden Mickey head planters. Banners hang overhead, and a mariachi band plays to keep guests entertained while waiting to board. Photos are not allowed in the terminal, except at the designated character area.

                      We took a moment to have our picture taken with Captain Mickey.



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                        Originally posted by Disneykat
                        DP this sounds so fun!!! I love hearing about your trip!!!! MORE MORE MORE
                        Hee-hee. I'm going to be updating for the next week or so. There's SO much to tell about.


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                          The Magic of Boarding

                          Here's a rare photo of the ramp leading onto the Magic. This photo exists only because I wasn't aware that the "no photography" rule also applied to the *outside* of the terminal as well. Ooopsie.



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                            I can't see your photos . They're just red x's.


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                              Originally posted by millionairegirl
                              I can't see your photos . They're just red x's.
                              Weird. Try refreshing your browser. If that doesn't work, I'll change them over to another host.


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