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  • Disney Treasure DVDs

    Does anyone know if/when the next set of Disney Treasures DVDs comes out, and what will be on them?
    I say instead of pouring money into pathetic direct-to-video sequels (that in my opinion embarasses the company), they should put out complete collections of Zorro, Davey Crocket and other classics.

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    i think next they should probubly be coming out with a chip n dale dvd (that would be so awesome) hahahaha


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      Here's the address to all of the Disney Releases for the next two years. Great site, great info and pictures, one stop shop lol...

      A comprehensive guide to movies in theaters and on disc with news, detailed reviews, release schedules and lists, announcements, movie star, interviews, contests, countdowns, reports, bargains, a discussion forum, and an exhaustive resource on Walt Disney entertainment.


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        Thanks for the website! A terrific help. Somehow I missed that the Davy Crockett collection was already released. Now if only I can convince the wife..... :monkey:


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          You can find Davy Crockett DVD's on Ebay at around $30 - 35 bucks. I bought most of mine through Ebay since I found out about the series a little late lol. I have all of them so far.

          Feel free to hook it up with some reputation if you found my info helpful!

          (shameless plug I know )


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            I apologize, I definitely did find it helpful. I'm working for the military on grave shift, so my brain is mashed potatoes sometimes. :monkey:
            Reputation added. :o


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              With the recent first week of the Mickey Mouse Club, we hope they release all of them on DVD. They were fun to watch.


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                I doubt, supposedly there are over 500 episodes. That's 500 hours of material, split on 30 dollar dvds... not likely...


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