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Anaheim Councilwoman calls for end to Chamber of Commerce funding over Disney


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  • Anaheim Councilwoman calls for end to Chamber of Commerce funding over Disney

    In yet another ugly move in a already nasty fight between the City Council of Anaheim and Disney, Councilwoman Lorri Galloway is calling for the cutting of $205,000 in funds to the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce because she feels they are supporting Disney.

    The chamber is currently organizing 2 Disney backed measures that will preserve the nonresidentail zoning around the Disney resort. A move that the city council is apparently not going to stand for.

    For more information, please check out the article at
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    Re: Anaheim Councilwoman calls for end to Chamber of Commerce funding over Disney

    This is the same Ms. Galloway who said this...

    A Disney-led business coalition on Thursday launched a referendum to toss out the City Council's approval of residential zoning near its theme parks.

    The coalition, called Save Our Anaheim Resort, took out petitions for the measure just one day after the council's 3-2 vote on the plan that could pave the way for developer SunCal to build 1,500 homes in the Anaheim Resort area.

    The referendum could go onto the February ballot, along with a previously announced initiative meant to deter all housing projects in the resort area geared for tourist uses.

    "It is disappointing that once again the Disney Corporation is escalating Disney's war with the city of Anaheim," said Frank Elfend, SunCal's consultant, in a prepared statement. "Disney's new referendum is just another intimidation and bullying tactic to force their will on Anaheim."

    Mayor Curt Pringle and Councilman Harry Sidhu, who voted against the housing plan, were among the 25 or so business, civic and neighborhood leaders who stood up at Thursday's press conference to announce the referendum. No Disney representatives spoke.

    Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, who supported the housing plan, said she was "furious."

    "It's disrespect of the Democratic process," Galloway said. "This is the ugliness of politics. It's absolutely disregarding the people who we represent."
    So it is disrespectful of the Democratic process to ask the citizens of Anaheim (at least the registered voters) to vote on the decision...

    In my humble opinion, that IS the Democratic process.

    Now she is upset that a group of BUSINESS persons are trying to protect the interests of the Businesses in the city, because they disagree with her...

    Seems all she wants is HER way OR NO way.....
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      Re: Anaheim Councilwoman calls for end to Chamber of Commerce funding over Disney

      Anaheim -- home to more than Disney

      The city's squabble about resort-adjacent affordable housing highlights one of the region's worst problems.

      By Scott Darrell, SCOTT DARRELL is executive director of the Kennedy Commission, an Orange County-based housing advocacy group.
      May 8, 2007
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