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Prides and Puppetry - Disney Insider 06/16/05


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  • Prides and Puppetry - Disney Insider 06/16/05

    The Disney Insider - June 16, 2005
    Prides and Puppetry

    The Insider takes you backstage with the touring company of "The Lion King."

    It's a wonderland of puppets, huge sprays of feathers, lights, movement, and music. A pride of lionesses runs past, wearing a combination of flowing silk, beautiful headdresses ... and sweatpants. Rhinos hang from the rafters; silks and fibers billow from mobile wardrobe cabinets; a lion's proud face snarls at us. Everywhere there is something amazing to see.

    This isn't Geppetto's workshop or a child's dream - it's the backstage area for the touring production of "The Lion King," Disney on Broadway's Tony Award�-winning stage show. And we're visiting right in the middle of an afternoon rehearsal. But for the crew, this is just another day at the office.

    The Disney Insider was lucky enough to visit and speak to the people who keep the magic in the show, including wardrobe supervisor Gillian Kadish, puppet supervisor Anne Salt, and head carpenter Mike Nye. Gillian told us about the unique challenges "The Lion King," with its innovative blend of puppetry, effects, and animal disguises, poses for the costumers.

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