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Something that I just don't get....


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  • Something that I just don't get....

    Something that people in the media (and people in general, such as at my school) say that's really bugging me is

    "2-D animation is dead"

    Uh huh... um, if it is, then why are movies like Ghost in the Shell and Howls Moving castle doing so well?

    All forms of entertainment have their ups and downs, it's just ways it's executed.. for example...

    3D movies that sucked - Dinosaur and The crappy Final Fantasy Sprits movie... *shudders*

    I think those two are more than enough to show that CGI animation isn't "superior" to 2-D

    also, another thing that 2-D has an advantage over 3-D is that you can make a "realistic" human and not have it freakinly... freaky (like the kids in the polar express, good movie, but some things just looked, forced)

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    I don't think 2-d animation is dead at all! I agree but crappy 8 cell animation like Pokemon and Dragonballz and hundreds of other bad, awful animation pouring out of Japan is not helping. Howl's Castle and Ghost in Shell are exceptions not the rule.

    Here in the US, the cost/benifit ratio of CG animation and traditional is much higher for CG. It will die down as the "newness" of this style wears off. In the meantime we can continue to enjoy quality traditional animation on our small screen. Cartoon Network has been enjoying a massive surge of viewership over the last 3 to 4 years and they have very little CG animation.

    Also regarding early CG animated attempts and bashing on it is like going back and comparing Steam Boat Willy to Fantasia...with time comes experiance, you can't jump the gun and expect equally impressive CG yet? We are getting there with characters like Gollum in LOTR and humans like the Incredibles but yes we have a lot further to go.

    I think we will see a resurgance of 2-d movies as backlash to an oncoming onslaught of CG films in the next decade, like any genre of film it will have revival soon enough.


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