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need some help planning for a disney vacation

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  • need some help planning for a disney vacation

    ok, so im planning a disney vacation for january 2008. we'll be going to WDW for 4 days and then on the disney cruise for 7 days. so if anyone has been on the 7 day cruise, my question is : how much should i budget?? i know there are gratudities you have to pay, and transportation fees from the airport to the cruise dock ... and stuff like that

    what we have so far is our room in orlando, plane tickets, and park tickets, i just wanted an estimate of how much more i should set aside.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: need some help planning for a disney vacation

    Have you booked your excursions for the cruise? I think the prices are listed on the DCL website. Also, alcohol is not included, so if anyone in your group will be drinking, figure $6 or 7 per drink, roughly. Souvenirs, photos taken on the ship. Souvenirs from the ports. Snacks at the movies or shows, if you want them. That's all I can think of right now. One thing I learned (the hard way) is that if you charge on board the ship, when you reach a certain amount, they'll charge your card right then, not the whole amount at the end. I used my check card for charging and they took x amount out on Wed and I didn't get paid until Thursday, so I had some stuff bounce and then had a problem at the time of my final payment! :P
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      Re: need some help planning for a disney vacation

      thanks for the advice