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  • Autographs???

    I was just wondering....whose autoraphs do ya'll have??? Outside of Disney characters; of course.

    Personally, have only two. Jim Carrey...which I never really expected to get. In high school, I wrote him a fan letter and when it came in the mail....I started screaming and dancing up and down the driveway. We were on our way home from school when I checked the friend and mother thought I had lost my mind.

    And TD....the Dolphins mascot. Yes, I know it's not really the Mascot's autoraph...but, it's cool. My husband knows what a Dolphin fan I am...and was looking around their website, and found this link to get his autograph. he did it as a surprise to me. It's so cute!!! An 8x10 picture of him with an autograph!!

    Don't forget to mention how and where you got them....also, any sentimental value they have and what's your favorite!!

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    Re: Autographs???

    I have a team, s club 7,(i know kind of lame) but then i do have destiny child's


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      Re: Autographs???

      I have the all five kids from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (They were at a Comic Convention several years ago and all signed a look-a-like golden ticket).
      I had Bruce Campbell sign my copy of Evil Dead II. (That was my least favorite evening ever. I waited in line for seven hour-didn't realize it would take that long- and by the time I got up to him I could think of nothing witty to say.)
      I have my aunt's autographed photo of Dr. Paul Barrer (Movie Macabre host from Tampa in the 1970's).


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        Re: Autographs???

        Oh let me see. A lot of pop stars...

        Duran Duran
        The Fixx
        Better Than Ezra
        Sugar Ray
        the singer from Rubyhorse (Dave.. he was a riot)
        a couple guys from Sugarcult

        A friend got me Dave Wakeling's (from The English Beat/General Public) autograph.

        I used to have Micky Dolenz of The Monkees' autograph but I lost it. I think I still have my Brian Austin Green (from 90210) autograph.

        I have lots of autographs from various baseball players. Most of them played for the Detroit Tigers but I also have Barry Larkin, Cal Ripken Jr (he signed the issue of Sports Illustrated he was on the cover on the week after he broke Lou Gherig's record).

        Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


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          Re: Autographs???

          Heres a recent thread on this with many wonderful answers:

          Autographs - 4/14/07

          "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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            Re: Autographs???

            We don't really collect autographs, but a couple of interesting opportunities have presented themselves over the years. You may have to Google some of these names if you're under 40!

            Vic got Cab Calloway's autograph at the race track. He also gave her a tip on a horse and she won $60. She also met Jonathon Frakes on an airplane. We also have a limited edition book of music autographed by George Gershwin and a couple folios of music inscribed by Richard Rodgers. More recently, we met Andreas Deja at a film screening and he drew a Mickey Mouse with his autograph.

            Anyone every hear of Harold Perry... The Great Gildersleeve? Probably not. He was a pretty famous guy with a deep booming voice during the Golden Days of Radio. I got his autograph on an album of old 78 rpm records he made in the 40's. When I worked at a country music radio station, I managed to meet a few personalities, but didn't think about getting autographs. I did get one from Barbie Benton (Hef's girlfriend at the time) and Roy Rogers. Also Paul Harvey.

            Maybe my quirky favorite is one I got from a local TV personality in San Diego when I was 13. (1963) His name was Regis Philbin.
            "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
            -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

            When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.


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              Re: Autographs???

              Cab Calloway? And a horse tip to boot? Wow I'm jealous!


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                Re: Autographs???

                I have Chris Isaak's autograph, saw him at the Pantages a few years back. I scared him, he was signing my shirt and sweat was dripping off his head (he went straight from the stage to the lobby). Not thinking, I reached out to wipe some off his face before it fell, like I would for a friend. He finished signing my shirt, but he was definitely startled.

                Oh, and he's tall. And pretty dreamy. Sighhhhhh...
                xo, Deanna


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                  Re: Autographs???

                  Dan Seals, Marsha Thornton, Jo-el Sonnier.

                  When I was a kid my mom got me Peggy Fleming's autograph; she came in to the bank my mom worked at and went to her window.

                  And 3 SF 49er autographs from about 10 years ago. LOL, I don't remember who they were and I can't read their writing I have two of their numbers, though: # 57 and #22. Other guy didn't give a number. Oh yeah, and Jerry Rice.

                  X Atencio, Ann Landers, Marie Osmond, Kevin Yee, Jason Schultz, Brian McKim, Karl Yamauchi, Kendra Trahan.

                  I know this doesn't count but I'm gonna put it anyhow Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Lee Arenberg (what a really neat guy).
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                  "This would be a great place if we could only get rid of all these people." WD

                  "Women are the best judges of anything we turn out. Their taste is very important. They are the theatergoers, they are the ones who drag the men in. If the women like it, to heck with the men." WD

                  Individuality is a great long as we think alike.



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                    Re: Autographs???

                    I know this doesn't count but I'm gonna put it anyhow Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Lee Arenberg (what a really neat guy).

                    why wouldn't that count?


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                      Re: Autographs???

                      Originally posted by Stitchy-poo View Post
                      why wouldn't that count?
                      I was putting them under Disney characters.
                      "This would be a great place if we could only get rid of all these people." WD

                      "Women are the best judges of anything we turn out. Their taste is very important. They are the theatergoers, they are the ones who drag the men in. If the women like it, to heck with the men." WD

                      Individuality is a great long as we think alike.



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                        Re: Autographs???

                        I have some older ones from the 1996 women's Olympic gymnastic team... but I think that it is.


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                          Re: Autographs???

                          I have the autographs of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They came to my town because some guy who worked at the photo department of the local WalMart won a contest to invite 50 of his closest friends to see MI3 in our movie theater. Tom and Katie flew in in a private jet and I went to see them at the airport and I got both of their autographs and Tom even talked to my family on my cell! Tom may be kind of nutty, but he and Katie were really nice!!


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                            Re: Autographs???

                            I have a ton Here's the list this is of just photo's, magazines and outfits:

                            Pair of white gloves signed by Marilyn Monroe I got this at an auction at Christie's back 10 or 15 years ago. It is my pride and joy of my collection next only to the following one.
                            a signed check of one Mr. Walt Disney, my mom got this several years ago for me for my 30th birthday. She got it while down at Disney.
                            okay I'm ashamed to admit this one now but a photo signed by Michael Eisner
                            A store promo for her album signed by Shania Twain
                            A dress worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman signed by her
                            Playboy signed by Chyna
                            Playboy signed by Candice Michelle
                            Raw Magazine signed by Chyna
                            PWI magazine (x2) signed by Stephanie McMahon & Triple H
                            Leg Show Magazine signed by Tera Patrick
                            Oui signed by Julie Meadows
                            Shi special magazine signed by Billy Tucci + a drawing of Shi
                            Photo & Letter Signed by Mike Schmidt
                            Photo signed by Dale Earnhardt - This is very special to me I had a pit pass to the Daytona 500 2001 I got this signed in person and was one of the last signatures he did before the start of the race. We all know how that ended.
                            photo signed by Hershal Walker
                            signed photo mat by Rod Brind' Amour and Kevin Dineen
                            Signed hockey stick by Rod Brind' Amour and Kevin Dineen
                            Signed hockey stick by the entire 1975 Philadelphia Fylers (the stick was Bernie Parent's).
                            Signed Philadelphia Phantoms Jersey Entire 1997 team
                            signed hockey stick Mario Lemieux, Ulf Samuelsso, Rick Tocchet, Kevin Stevens and Jaromir Jager
                            Jersey signed by Wayne Gretzky
                            Jersey sined by Brett Hull
                            photo signed by Bobby Hull
                            Football signed by entire 2004 Philadelphia Eagles team
                            mini football signed by Franco Harris
                            Mini football signed by Joe Paterno
                            a book signed by Joe Paterno
                            mini Eagles helmet signed by Bill Burgey
                            Mini Goalie's mask signed by Ron Hextall
                            photo signed by Ron Hextall
                            1/64 race car signed by Chad Little
                            1/64 race car signed by Terry Labonte
                            mini cereal box (x2) signed by Terry Labonte
                            1/18 race car signed by Cale Yarbrough
                            1/18 race car signed by Bill Elliot
                            1/18 race car signed by Kasey Kahne
                            1/18 race car signed by Dale Earnhardt Jr
                            Who Censored Roger Rabbit book signed by Gary K Wolf
                            Who P-P-P Plugged Roger Rabbit Book Signed by Gary K Wolf
                            3D Photo of Roger Rabbit & Jessica signed Gary K Wolf
                            757 crash instructions signed by Larry Csonka (it's all I could find while we were flying :lol: )
                            Photo signed by Yatil Green
                            photo signed by Kenny Wallace
                            Star Wars Insider signed by Shannon Baksa
                            Playboy signed by Jessica Hahn
                            photo signed by Jessica Hahn
                            Lila McCann cd signed by her
                            Photo signed by Dom DeLuise
                            Pinup art work drawn by Bill Ward signed by him
                            Drawing of Homer Simpson done by Matt Groening signed by him
                            photo signed by Johnny Depp
                            Photo of Stryper signed by all of them
                            tour book of Stryper Signed by Oz Fox
                            Bible from Stryper concert signed by Oz Fox (x2)
                            Record album signed by Stryper all of them
                            photo signed by Poison entire band (x8)
                            photo signed by the Andrew Sisters all of them
                            post card signed by Rhonda Shear
                            birthday card signed by Rhonda Shear
                            Outfit worn by Rhonda Shear at Wrestlemania X signed by her
                            outfit worn by Rhonda Shear on her show Up All Night signed by her
                            Photo's signed by Rhonda Shear (x3)
                            Playboy signed by Rhonda Shear.
                            a pair of leather shorts worn by Ginger Lynn
                            Outfit worn by Ginger Lynn on Married With Children signed by her
                            Photo signed by Ginger Lynn
                            Poloroids signed by Ginger Lynn (x5)
                            Photo signed by Ted Nugent (x2)
                            cd signed by Ted Nugent
                            cd signed by Traci Lords
                            photo signed by Samantha Foxx
                            photo signed by Lisa Marie Scott
                            poloroid signed by Lisa Marie Scott
                            photo signed by Elizabeth Berkely
                            Photo's signed by Chrissy Mountjoy (x3)
                            Poloroid signed by Chrissy Mountjoy (x12)
                            outfit worn on cover of Fitness magazine signed by Chrissy Mountjoy
                            photos signed by Bettie Page (x2)
                            phone card signed by Bettie Page
                            Tshirt Signed by Bettie Page
                            photos signed Morganna "the kissing bandit" (x2)
                            photos signed by Elvira (x2) one signed as Cassadra Peterson one as Elvira
                            photos signed by Jeanna Fine (x5)
                            photo signed by Erin Gray
                            photo signed by Tyra Banks
                            photo signed by Pam Anderson
                            photo signed by Kelly Packard
                            photos signed by Brinke Stevens (x4)
                            photo signed by Julie Newmar
                            photo signed by Lee Meriwether
                            photo signed by Eartha Kitt
                            photo signed by Yvonne Craig
                            photo signed by Dana Plato
                            photo signed by Rena Owan
                            photo signed by Femi Taylor
                            photo signed Amy Allen
                            photo signed Carrie Fisher
                            Photo signed by Peter Meyhew, Harrison Ford, Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels and Mark Hamill
                            Pez signed by Peter Mayhew
                            photo signed Michael Carter
                            oversized card signed by Linda Harrison
                            photo signed by Linda Harrison
                            photo signed by Charlton Heston
                            photo signed by Nikki Cox
                            Photo signed by Bowzer
                            photo signed by Kathleen Turner
                            photo signed by Cher
                            Stage worn outfit of Cher's signed by her
                            Photo signed by Lucy Lawless
                            photo signed by Catherine Bach
                            a pair of Daisy Dukes signed bt Catherine Bach
                            a photo of Lynda Carter
                            a can of Billy Beer signed by Billy Carter
                            photo signed by Vanna White
                            photo signed Hyapatia Lee
                            stage and movie worn cheerleader outfit signed by Hyapatia Lee
                            Show worn "Peggy Bundy" outfit signed by Katey Segal
                            photo signed by Katey Segal
                            Another one I'm no so proud of photo signed by Paris Hilton
                            photo signed by Mikey, Paul Jr, Paul Sr Teutel
                            3x5 card signed by James Earl Jones
                            3x5 card signed by Rachel Hunter
                            Madonna SEX book signed by Madonna (signed on the foil cover the book has never opened)
                            Lyrics & music sheet to the song Honestly signed by Michael Sweet of Stryper
                            photo signed by Donald Trump
                            Ivana Trump's book signed by her
                            Three Faces Of Foley signed by Mick Foley signed as Mick, Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack
                            Mick Foley Have A Nice Day book signed by Mick Foley
                            Chyna book signed by her
                            Wrestlemania best of video signed by The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin
                            post card signed by Woman (female manager in ECW/WCW)
                            poster signed by Woman
                            Photo signed by Sting
                            steel chair signed by entire WCW locker room in 1999
                            steel chair signed by the whole ECW locker room in 1998
                            post card signed by Chyna
                            post card signed by Stephanie McMahon
                            wrestling card match sheet signed by Andre The Giant
                            photo signed by Owen Hart
                            match worn ring outfit signed by Owen Hart
                            Kisstory Signed by entire original band
                            drum head signed by Eric Singer
                            Ax Bass signed by Gene Simmons
                            guitar signed by Paul Stanley (got this one for Christmas last year they sold them at Target)
                            movie poster signed by Sting
                            photos signed by Tammy Lynn Sytch (x4) 3 signed as her former name as Sunny
                            Top worn by Francine and signed by her (this is a famouse top in the original ECW She was being piledrove by Tommy Dreamer and she became exposed in this top)
                            Ring worn outfit signed by Francine
                            photos signed by Francine (x7)
                            poster signed by Francine
                            photo's signed by Dawn Marie (x4) 1 signed as he former name Tammy Lynn B*tch)
                            photos signed by Teri Runnels (x5) 1 as Miss Alexandra York 2 as Marlena
                            photos signed by Sable (x3)
                            photo signed by Marc Mero
                            photos signed by Missy Hyatt (x3)
                            photo shoot outfit worn by Missy Hyatt and Signed by her
                            Tshirt signed the Blue Meanie and Jasmin St Clair
                            photos signed by Debra McMichaels (x3)
                            photos signed by Midajah (x3)
                            photo signed by Stacy Keibler
                            photo signed by Torrie Wilson
                            photos signed by Miss Elizabeth (x3)
                            3x5 card signed by Miss Elizabeth as real name Liz Heulet
                            News paper announcing his 5,000 strike out signed by Nolan Ryan
                            Drag racing magazine signed Kenny Bernstien
                            Racing hat signed by Don The Snake Purdom
                            Flyers hat signed by Bobby Clark
                            Flyers hat signed by John Leclair and Eric Lindros
                            Photos signed by Miss Kitty (x3) 2 signed as The Kat
                            Photos signed by Stephanie McMahon (x3)
                            photo signed by Jacqueline
                            photo mat signed Val Venus and Jacqueline
                            photos signed by Kimona (x2) 1 signed as Leia Meow
                            photos signed by Kimberly Page (x2)
                            photo mat signed by Kevin Sullivan and the Fallen Angel (later known as Woman)
                            photos signed by Paisley (x2)
                            photo signed by Maria
                            photo signed by Melina
                            photo signed by Chyna
                            photo signed by Sheri Martel
                            Photo signed by Electra
                            ring worn outfit worn by Electra and signed by her
                            photo signed by Ivory
                            photo signed Major Gunns
                            photo signed by Georgous George
                            photo signed by Tygress
                            photo signed by Ms. Jones
                            photo signed by Barbra Bush
                            photo signed by Chae
                            photo signed by Tori
                            photo signed by Strawberry
                            photo signed by Bobcat
                            photo signed by Madusa
                            photo signed by Luna Vachon
                            photo signed by Gangrel
                            photo signed by RVD, Sabu, Taz and Bill Alfonso (and yes it was just TAZ back then.
                            Tommy Dreamer hat signed by the whole ECW locker room between 1997-2000
                            photo mat signed by Steve Blackman & Ron Simmons
                            Mini Miami Hurricanes helmet signed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
                            mini FSU helmet signed by Ron Simmons
                            Photos signed by Woman (x2)
                            Football signed by David Akers
                            Browns Helmet Signed by Jim Brown
                            Cry For Dawn Poster signed by Joesph Michael Linsner
                            real pit crew shirt signed by Jimmy Johnson (this was signed during his final full year in Busch Grand National racing)

                            This does not include any signed action figures, pins, trading cards, baseballs, bats, gloves, comic books, hockey pucks and some of my videos or DVDs.
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                              Re: Autographs???

                              I have Doug Glanville - Played outfield for the Phillies and Texas. Of course his is in my High School Yearbook

                              Also have Bob McGrath for Sesamie Street - I went to school with his daughter. We used to have cast parties over his house. He is a very very nice guy.

                              I also went to school with Lawrance Frank - Head coach of the NJ Nets, but I don't think I have his signature on anything

                              Also have Playbills signed by

                              Wayne Knight
                              Christina Applegate
                              (Sweet Charity)

                              Hank Azaria
                              David Hyde Pierce
                              Greg Reuter
                              Fred Willard
                              (Monty Python's Spamalot) - and no, Fred Willard was not in it, he was just hanging around the stage door as well, when we recognized him.

                              Rhea Pearlman
                              Danny DiVito
                              (Blue Man Group)

                              And no, Rhea Pearlman and Danny DiVito are not in the Blue Man Group either. The just happend to be sitting right freaking behind me. Yes, behind me - short Danny and Rhea were smack behind my 6' 4" frame. And they had worse seats than me - row three as opposed to row two.

                              They were there early, as was I and we struck up a conversation before the show started. They seemed nice, just general chit chat about BMG. None of us were "virgins" so we sort of laughed at the people around us who had no idea what to expect.

                              "I'm gonna build my own amusement park. But with gambling and hookers!" - Bender
                              "You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity." - Bullet Tooth Tony


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