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"Uncle John" brings excitement to us Disney Geeks


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  • "Uncle John" brings excitement to us Disney Geeks

    Ready for a little pick up in your day?

    One of my favorite blogs wrote a terrific story of what John Lasseter has already done for the Walt Disney Co. and what he has on the agenda.


    And as long as Disneyland is having record attendance and Pixar and Disney are having more and more success at the box office... Uncle John's power is going to continue to grow. That is going to be a great thing for we Disney Geeks. We'll benefit in the beginning from the decisions he's already made in the short time he's been there. He's very involved and passionate about these things. If you don't believe me, ask some of the people he rode the Finding Nemo ride with at Disneyland last week. He cares about entertainment and quality and made sure to notice how people liked the ride. He cares about Disney's future success. And if it keeps up, there are some major decisions that Uncle John wants to make that will have profound impact on the Mouse culture from what I hear. The decisions he's already made are things that will start to see happen over the next couple years, but the other stuff he wants to do will take a little longer. That's the stuff that we'll start to notice near the beginning of the next decade. And these things won't end at the stroke of midnight like they did for Cinderella... this will be Disney magic that will have lasting implications late into the next decade for all Disney fans.

    A new course had been charted... one that most of us can't see yet. But one that is bright and beautiful. Like Cap'n Jack Sparrow said at the end of "Curse of the Black Pearl" when he took the wheel and looked off into the distance ahead of him:

    "Bring me that horizon".

    You don't know it yet, but that horizon's coming. And boy, is it beautiful. Lovely even... and there's not a Suits or Bean Counter in sight. Now isn't that something truly great to look forward to?

    I thought so...
    "If you build it right, they will come." - Bob Iger

    "I'm not a literary person. As far as realism is concerned, you can find dirt anyplace you look for it. I'm one of those optimists. There's always a rainbow." - Walt Disney

    "I don't care about critics. Critics take themselves too seriously. They think the only way to be noticed and to be the smart guy is to pick and find fault with things. It's the public I'm making pictures for." - Walt Disney

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