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  • Disney Research Project info search

    I am doing a graduate paper on how Walt Disney's pioneering efforts revolutionized the animation industry and changed the movie making/entertainment industry forever.

    Does anybody have any good places on the web, books, or places to grab info on such a thing?

    Any business contacts that you know of?

    Any help would be great, thanks!
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    Re: Disney Research Project info search

    Recommended Reading List from the former (lightly updated, with some of my favorites highlighted):

    "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island and at the bottom of the Spanish Main...and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life." -- Walt Disney

    Many of you may have read about Walt Disney in the hundreds of thousands of books and articles that have been published over the years. With the advent of the internet, it's easier than ever to build a personal library covering all things Disney. Following are a number of books, publications, and media we feel help to paint a vivid portrait of Walt Disney, his brother Roy O. Disney, the company they built, the Art they created, and the legacy they give to each of us. We've linked most of these selected titles to For out-of-print titles, try these used book sellers:,,, or Or visit your local library. Happy reading!

    W A L T E R E L I A S & R O Y O L I V E R D I S N E Y

    Walt Disney: An American Original
    Bob Thomas

    Building a Company: Roy O. Disney & the Creation of an Entertainment Empire
    Bob Thomas

    The Disney Version: The Life, Times, Commerce and Art of Walt Disney
    Richard Schickel

    Inside the Dream: The Personal Story of Walt Disney
    Katherine and Richard Greene

    The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life
    Steven Watts

    Walt Disney: The Triumph of American Imagination
    Neal Gabler

    The Man Behind the Magic: The Story of Walt Disney
    Katherine and Richard Greene

    The Quotable Walt Disney
    Compiled by Dave Smith

    Remembering Walt: Favorite Memories of Walt Disney
    Amy Boothe Green and Howard E. Green

    The Story of Walt Disney
    Diane Disney Miller as told to Pete Martin

    Walt Disney: A Bio-Bibliography
    Kathy Merlock Jackson

    Walt Disney: An Intimate History of the Man and His Magic (CD-ROM)

    Walt Disney: His Life In Pictures; Photographs from the Walt Disney Archives
    Russell Schroeder, Howard Reeves, Editors

    Walt Disney's America
    Christopher Finch

    Walt Disney's Missouri: The Roots of a Creative Genius
    Brian Burnes, Robert W. Butler and Dan Viets

    Walt: The Man Behind the Myth; A Portrait Of A Legend From Those Who Knew Him Best (DVD)

    Wisdom: The Magazine of Knowledge for Lifetime Learning and Education, Vol. 32, December 1959, Leon Gutterman, Editor

    The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney
    Michael Barrier

    S T U D I O H I S T O R Y

    The Disney Films
    Leonard Maltin

    The Disney Studio Story
    Richard Holliss and Brian Sibley

    The Disney Live-Action Productions
    John G. West, Jr.

    Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation and Theme Parks
    David Koenig

    One of Walt's Boys (ASAP Publishing, 1997)
    Harry Tytle

    Walt Disney Treasures: Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio (DVD)

    A N I M A T I O N

    The Art and Flair of Mary Blair: An Appreciation
    John Canemaker

    The Art of Walt Disney (Macmillan, 1942)
    Robert D. Field

    The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom
    Christopher Finch

    Before the Animation Begins: The Art and Lives of Disney's Inspirational Sketch Artists
    John Canemaker

    Bill Peet: An Autobiography
    Bill Peet

    The Disney That Never Was: The Stories and Art of Five Decades of Unproduced Animation
    Charles Solomon

    The Disney Villains
    Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

    Disney's Winnie the Pooh: A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear
    Christopher Finch

    Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters
    John Grant

    Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation
    Charles Solomon

    The Hand Behind the Mouse--The Ub Iwerks Story
    Leslie Iwerks and John Kenworthy

    Horizon Bound on a Bicycle: The Autobiography of Eyvind Earle
    Eyvind Earle

    Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life
    Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

    Justice for Disney (Tomart Publications, 1992)
    Bill Justice

    Memoirs (Cambria, 1987)
    David Dodd Hand

    Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons
    Leonard Maltin

    Paper Dreams: The Art & Artists of Disney Storyboards
    John Canemaker

    Walt Disney: The Art of Animation; The Story of the Disney Studio Contribution to a New Art (Simon & Schuster, 1958)
    Bob Thomas (with the staff of the Walt Disney Studio)

    Walt Disney and Assorted Other Characters: An Unauthorized Account of the Early Years at Disney's
    Jack Kinney

    Walt Disney and Europe: European Influences on the Animated Feature Films of Walt Disney
    Robin Allan

    Walt Disney's Bambi: The Story and the Film
    Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

    Walt Disney's Fantasia
    John Culhane

    Walt Disney's Nine Old Men & the Art of Animation
    John Canemaker

    Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: An Art in Its Making
    Martin Krause and Linda Witkowski

    Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney
    Russell Merritt and J. B. Kaufman

    T E L E V I S I O N & L I V E - A C T I O N

    A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: My Story
    Annette Funicello and Patricia Romanowski

    The Davy Crockett Craze: A Look at the 1950s Phenomenon
    Paul F. Anderson

    Ellenshaw Under Glass
    Peter Ellenshaw

    Forever Hold Your Banner High!: The Story of the Mickey Mouse Club and What Happened to the Mousketeers
    Jerry G. Bowles

    Just Tell Me When To Cry: A Memoir
    Richard Fleischer

    The Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook (Grosset & Dunlap, 1975)
    Complied by Keith Keller

    Walt, Mickey and Me: Confessions of the First Ex-Mousketeer (Dell, 1977)
    Paul Petersen

    So You Want to be a Director (Tomahawk Press, 2001)
    Ken Annakin

    The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History
    Bill Cotter

    Zorro Unmasked: The Official History
    Sandra Curtis

    The Wonderful World of Disney Animals
    William R. Koehler (Disney's Chief Animal Trainer)

    T H E M E P A R K S

    A Brush With Disney: An Artist's Journey told through the words and works of Herbert Dickens Ryman
    Bruce Gordon and David Mumford, Editors

    Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture
    Beth Dunlop

    Designing Disney: Imagineering and the Art of the Show
    John Hench

    Designing Disney's Theme Parks: The Architecture of Reassurance
    Karal Ann Marling, Editor

    Disneyland: Inside Story
    Randy Bright

    Disneyland: The Nickel Tour. A Postcard Journey through a Half Century of the Happiest Place on Earth
    Bruce Gordon and David Mumford

    Disneyland: World of Flowers (Walt Disney Productions, 1965)
    [Bill] Morgan Evans

    Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland
    More Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland
    David Koenig

    Roller Coasters, Flumes and Flying Saucers
    Robert Reynolds

    Since the World Began: Walt Disney World's First Twenty-Five Years
    Jeff Kurtti

    Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Scenes Book At Making the Magic Real

    Walt Disney and the Quest for Community
    Steve Mannheim

    Walt Disney's Railroad Story: The Small-Scale Fascination That Led to a Full-Scale Kingdom
    Michael Broggie

    Welcome Aboard the Disneyland Railroad!
    Steve DeGaetano

    Window on Main Street: 35 Years of Creating Happiness at Disneyland Park
    Van Arsdale France

    C O M I C S , C O L L E C T I B L E S , M U S I C

    Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book
    Michael Barrier

    The Cartoon Music Book
    Daniel Goldmark and Yuval Taylor, Editors

    The Disney Treasures
    Robert Tieman

    THE CUE SHEET: The Journal of the Film Music Society: The Disney Composers, Volume 18, No. 3/4, July-October 2002
    Jon Burlingame, Editor

    The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records 1933-1988
    R. Michael Murray

    The Musical World of Walt Disney
    David Tietyen

    Walt's Time: From Before to Beyond
    Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman

    Disney's Lost Chords
    Rusell Schroeder

    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records
    Tim Hollis and Greg Ehrbar


    From Walt to Woodstock: How Walt Disney Created the Counterculture
    Douglas Brode

    How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Magic Every Day of Your Life
    Pat Williams and Jim Denny
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