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06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter


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  • 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

    grownup geeks' guide podcast

    Finding Tony Baxter—Imagineering Adventure
    June 12, 2007

    Our coverage of the events surrounding the Grand Opening Celebration of Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage continues with a podcast interview with one of the lead Imagineers on the Finding Nemo project, legendary Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, who shares some of the new attraction’s hidden treasures from the classic attraction.

    WARNING be advised that this conversation with Tony Baxter contains descriptions of some of the experiences of riding the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage that can be considered either an enhancement or a spoiler to your riding pleasure.

    Download or listen to the podcast here >>
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    Re: 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

    Thank you Chuck, I LOVE your pod casts!!!

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      Re: 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

      Very nice indeed!
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        Re: 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

        Excellent interview. Tony is a great guy, and always seems so genuinely interested in Disneyland and his attractions.

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          Re: 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

          That photo from the pre-moustache days was a bit frightening. I'm now thinking it was Tony who tossed out me and my friend from the Big Thunder construction site early one summer morning back in 1978. (She would flirt with the construction workers; I would do the Disney geek thing, checking the progress on the new ride.) I hope this doesn't mean I have to shred my DL Alumni Club membership! :blink:

          How was I to know that the tall skinny dude who looked like he just graduated from high school was the Imagineer in charge!!

          Hmm... that's probably why he grew the moustache.:lol:
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            Re: 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

            I love the picture of TB with the incredibly photogenic Disney nerds!
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              Re: 06-12-07 Finding Tony Baxter

              Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post
              I love the picture of TB with the incredibly photogenic Disney nerds!
              So do I ... .

              Seriously though this is a great interview with Tony Baxter. It is great to hear how it all came together and even more ... to see him in person for the first time.


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