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Star Wars Theme park concept (old idea) inspired by recent similiar post


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  • Star Wars Theme park concept (old idea) inspired by recent similiar post

    I posted this in thread suggesting a Star Wars land at Disney Studios --but hadn't gotten any responses --This is idea I posted a version of a over a year ago on another site and was inspired to post again after someone had posted idea of Star Wars land in Walt Disney world section. (Some ideas are obvious and i'm sure 50 people have thought them all ready ---But i put together a whole theme park idea for Star Wars that could be imagineered by Disney

    I thought it would be perfect as a Las Vegas experience.
    (Ok this is a wordy post but a whole themepark)

    You could have a Hotel in the middle of the desert shaped like a giant landed Star Destroyer. The Hotel would be a Hotel and casino--that would be Star Wars themed and inspired --with Sabaac --of course at the time of my idea they didn't have Star Wars slots yet but now they do.

    You could even have Sabaac --gambling game in Star Wars books.

    Behind the Hotel would be Theme park laid out like Disneyland with Mos Eisley as Main Street --with shops and Mos Eisley Cantina (of course the animatronic Bith Band like in the FAO Swartz toy store in Caesar's already had) -Landspeeder rides down Mos Eisley instead of the firetrucks on Mainstreet. Dexter's Dinner . Shops and a Droid Building place sponsered by LEGO

    Off one side street of Mos Eisley would be the Jabba's Palace Lunch and dinner show. For lunch and dinner --you would eat in Jabba's palace with Giant Animatronic Jabba overlooking the lunch and dinner show that could include all sorts of Star Wars themed entertainment al la dinner shows like Wild Bill's or Medevil Times. With Twilek servers and cool characters walking around. One part of the show would be Bossh walking in with Chewie like scene from movie and Hologram Luke scene from movie as well.
    (Since it is Vegas they could even have a late night Adult only late night show as well with Topless slave dancers --and Slave Leia)
    Also there is a fun interactive undgerground tunnels of Jabba's Palace walkthrough exhibit

    Near Jabba's Palace would be a Test Track style Podrace ride --- with indoor and outdoor sections

    The Central Hub would instead of a castle be a giant Star Tours facility that would transport people to the other Planets (or lands if you will) --There would be of course walk by entrances for those not wishing to take the Star Tours Type rides to different destinations.

    One Star Tours ride would drop you off at the Death Star --A Large building connected to Star Tours Facility where and three story building would house ---Death Star Laser Tag . This section would also house X-wing and Tie Fight Simulator training

    Of course one land would be Endor --with Ewok Village ----and as others have said and probably thousands have already thought of and Speeder Bike Rollercoaster Ride through the forest of Endor ---Think the side by side track coasters with trees as obstacles. The Endor Village would of course have Ewok actors and Photo Ops. A C3PO Fireplace Storytime for children around a campfire al la Redwood Creek trail at DCA. Also on Endor would be a full Scale walk through Mock up of the Milenium Falcon --think Toontown house walkthroughs --but the Milenium Falcon with Holograms on chess board .
    Wicket's Restaurant --think Rainforest --made to look like you are dining in the trees --multistoried restaurant
    And of course based on Wicket's Hang glider in Ewok movies
    Wicket's Soaring Over Endor -- which would fly past Walkers and imperial forest base ETC...

    Another section would be Hoth where you would walkthrough Ecco Base ice Station on your way on your way to a dark ride --that would take you on a small transport through scenes from Hoth. The Hoth Ice Tour Company Indy style ride takes you past Rebels Fighting in bunkers----Through the legs of a giant At-At --and finally through a Wampa ice cave where you are nearly attacked by a Wampa. There would be an Echo Base Store --and restaurant. Photo Ops with a Tantaun's

    One section would be the Jedi Temple ----Would have Jedi Training for the Younglings ----Jedi dining -thinkThe magic castle Jedi host does magic tricks during dining experience.
    if technology improved you could have simulated Lightsaber dueling game where you where headsets and battle WI style with lightsaber against alien opponents. And of course the Jedi Council Yoda Photo Op

    I have map in excel that wouldn't transfer readable to this board .

    A love of Disney that sometimes borders on the edge of crazy ---but I'm okay with that

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    Re: Star Wars Theme park concept (old idea) inspired by recent similiar post

    Props to Kiss Man for bringing the concept back to my mind again

    A love of Disney that sometimes borders on the edge of crazy ---but I'm okay with that


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