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Wall-E Teaser Trailer!

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    Re: Wall-E Teaser Trailer!

    Opinions are like mothers, everyone has one.....

    I liked the trailer, but was hoping for a bit more animation, so I could get a better sense of the characters involved. Soundtrack doesn't bother me unless it gets in the way of the story.

    BTW - small point, but I loved The Incredibles EXACTLY BECAUSE the soundtrack was so much like the early James Bond movies. Thought it was clever and it added so much to that movie's theme.
    "Fire at will, boys!"

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      Re: Wall-E Teaser Trailer!

      (1) a teaser trailer tells you nothing about the movie. The goal is to start the hype machine and then later when finished footage is ready, they set the hook in your lip with the real trailer.
      (2) the music isn't from evita, it could possibly be Aquarela do Brasil, a 1939 samba covered by many people and found in many places including the movie Brazil.

      Need I remind you that the teaser trailer for the Incredibles featured the main title from On Her Majesty's Secret Service? Or how many trailers manage to reuse the stirring music from Rudy?

      I know the hook is in my lip...