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Does anyone own stock in the Walt Disney Company?


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  • Does anyone own stock in the Walt Disney Company?

    I was curious if any one owns stock in the Walt Disney Company?

    I own some and it seems like just an OK investment. It hasn't gotten me and "perks" or anything like that but it's nice to think I'm actually a part owner of the company (be it maybe just a toilet handle or a couple of sheets of paper towels!).
    Mirror, mirror on the wall...

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    Roughly 120 Shares.
    J.B. Opie

    "Doubt is the rust of a feeble mind. The only way to seize the future is to grasp the present. Let's Go!"

    -Chairman Clench, Alien Encounter


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      49 here. I did it for more of a long term thing, although not much has happened in the past 5 years.


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        I own 100 shares (I forgot to mention that the first time). I wasn't sure if I should even ask the stock question because I get the feeling that many people here are pro-Disneyland/WDW but anti-Disney Corporation (it's just my impression). I simply wanted to own a "part of the magic" even though it's just a paper thing.

        Mirror, mirror on the wall...


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          I do own several shares, I am not going to say how many though...

          It seemed like a wise investment, as it didn't involve too much risk... And was a great way to deversify, in a company name I trust... However I think it has over achieved in some aspects and under achieved in others...

          Over achieving units: ESPN (it is the dog that licks itself, cus it can...), Consumer Products (need a bridle now that Disney Store is gone).

          Units exhibiting positive Growth: Broadway, ABC.

          Under achieving units: Movie Studios, Some Theme Parks

          Units that need serious attention: Cable Networks (not ESPN), Some Theme Parks, Radio Networks, Online networks/

          Units in unknown status: Miramax-Dimension
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