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Disney and Video Games


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  • Disney and Video Games

    Disney is a company that always has standed for quality...

    Quality Movies,
    Quality Theme Parks,
    Quality TV Show,
    Quality Radio,
    Quality Cruise Line,

    But why are Disney Video games sooo bad? Do they completely overlook that aspect of the buisness? If Disney tried, they could be brilliant at creating good immersive video games that arnt better than games rated 6 out of 10, based on the latest Disney released movie that they make today. Disney SHOULD focus on the video game industry. Over 3 billion dollars in videogames are sold each year and Disney could strongly capitalize on that if they wanted to insted of just trying to squeeze as much money out of one movie's name as they can.

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    Re: Disney and Video Games

    I'm assuming that you are not including the Kingdom Hearts games since they are made by SquareEnix, because they are awesome. But I agree, Disney should make good gaems based on their characters. I don't usually play DIsney based games, so I can't say which if any are any good.


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      Re: Disney and Video Games

      Yeah, I'm curious as to which games your talking about as well.
      KH is amazing... one of the coolest things to come out of Disney.
      Do you mean the movie based video games... cause those tend to stink no matter what company makes them


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        Re: Disney and Video Games

        Disney has been mostly miss over the years. When they have had hits, they usually didn't realize it -- Disney, after all, originated the now very popular Coaster sim game (starring Bill Nye!). Had its fans, but they didn't try to take it very far. Then all the Tycoon and Sim Coaster games came out and were HUGE hits. They tried reclaiming their stance in the Coaster arena with Disney's Ultimate Coaster (under an Imarineering label), but it just didn't do much for anybody. It was nice to have the layouts of several real Disney coasters, though.

        They do well with more encyclopedic works, too: The Walt Disney bio CD-Rom is quite excelent and the Walt Disney World Explorer CD-ROM is something that really did a lot to keep me satisfied between trips.

        Tron 2.0 was rather enjoyable, too. Better than Halo. But maybe that's just bias: I hate over-rated crap like Halo and I love Tron.

        Magical Racing Tour is one of the greatest cart racers of all time. I could play that game all day.

        Other than that, I struggle to think of truly great Disney games that are made by Disney and not by the third parties. Which is a shame -- they have plenty of characters that would make great action games if done right: Stitch, Gizmoduck, Darkwing Duck, Mulan, Hercules, Tarzan, etc.


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          Re: Disney and Video Games

          With Kingdom Hearts... Disney wasn't really THAT much involved in making the game. It was more "Common Interests", like what TDS is. Its not offically part of Disney but it still does things Disney, better than Disney.

          Im talking about the games Disney releases after every movie they make. They are all horibble.


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            Re: Disney and Video Games

            I like Disney Magical Racing Tour, Disney Meteos and POTC: At World's End for the DS.


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              Re: Disney and Video Games

              I read an article recently that said Disney would be tripling their spending on videogames, after the expected success of the digital treasure hunting in the parks with PotC:AWE on Nintendo DS.

              So, maybe we'll be seeing that uber-magical quality we're all hopeing for?
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