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I wrote this for fun...


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  • I wrote this for fun...

    It's an editorial about John Hughes movies. Please give me some feed back mice chattters!

    I just got done watching Pretty In Pink. I know; that’s not one of the most manly ways to start any conversation but it’s a moot point so kick back and pay attention.

    Anyways, Pretty In Pink. It’s a John Hughes flick. You know the guy; The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? If none of those ring a bell don’t feel too bad, they were all eighties chick flicks. Good eighties chick flicks I might add. For those of you noobs who don’t know the Hughes…does Home Alone register? Good, I thought so.

    The basic premise of any classic John Hughes movie (and by classic I mean the ones with Molly Ringwald…isn’t she cute?) should be familiar to any poor sap that had a crush in high school. And when I say crush; I mean they were head over heels for the girl who was “just a friend”. Hughes had the knack to sympathize with this elite group of losers. He gave us leading men such as Ducky, Bender and Farmer Ted. Bleeding hearts, all of them. In a time where a young Tom Cruise was dancing in his underwear, we had a young John Cusack running around with a drunk Asian trying to get laid.

    The thing about his movies though; they weren’t just about getting the girl. They were about the music and life of the era. The attitude and the humanity of what we call high school. They were about the epic battle between the geeks and the preps (of which the preps most always won). Most importantly, they had heart and were funny. They were a social commentary without even trying.

    Where would modern day comedy or coming of age films be without these? Would we have a Kevin Smith, a Quentin Tarantino or even a Judd Apatow? What about Napoleon Dynamite or Little Miss Sunshine? I think not. I would even go as far to say that the face of music would be vastly different without the influences of Shermer, Illinois (look it up). Rock would have less of A Little Less Sixteen Candles but more hair metal and bad rap. Wait; we still have that last one.

    My point is; pop culture of the millennium seems to owe a little bit of itself (ok, most of itself) to some very cheesy, but very inspirational and influential eighties flicks that ironically thrived due to their own pop refrences. Hats off to you, you Cinderella stories. Check ‘em out guys. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
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