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The Record industry puts their foot in their mouth


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  • The Record industry puts their foot in their mouth

    So Prince with his latest album is pissing off the record industry.. because it cuts them out of the loop of course.

    As if there was any doubt that the record industry is about self-preservation and gain through extortion and controlling the market itself.. rather then trying to make a business out of fulfilling a customer demand.. here is a classic quote.

    Paul Quirk, co-chairman of the Entertainment Retailers Association, said Prince's decision to give away the album, which is not scheduled to go on sale until July 24, with copies of the Mail on Sunday "beggared belief."

    "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince should know that with behavior like this he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores," said Quirk in reference to the 1990s when the star stopped using his name.
    'Hi, we are the record industry, if you don't play by our rules, we'll take our toys and go home'. waaaaaaa

    You are a freaking retailer.. your business is selling a product to the consumer, not defining what those products are or who makes them. What a bunch of controlling babies.

    The full article here

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    Re: The Record industry puts their foot in their mouth

    Of course, this is the same record industry that also wants to cut off internet radio by saying that everything is going up, so they'll soon up yours!


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      Re: The Record industry puts their foot in their mouth

      And they wonder why nobody buys albums anymore.


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        Re: The Record industry puts their foot in their mouth

        He gave away free copies of his CD Musicology to concert attendees a few years ago, too; that's how I got my copy. But it was just the disc and a simple cover, not the same jewel box and artwork as the regular retail version.

        The fact that this has resulted in Sony BMG UK pulling their UK release of the album, when the newspaper's circulation is only about 2.5 million, says a lot about their fear.

        I don't know, maybe it makes sense from their viewpoint. But there will be Prince fans in the UK who will want the official release, rather than a newspaper giveaway, even if the content is the same.


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