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Cinematic Comfort Food


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  • Cinematic Comfort Food

    There are a bunch of movies I love to watch over and over and over again. It is like going home again to visit family. These are the types of movies I could watch a thousand times without getting sick of watching them.

    My list includes, but is not limited to:

    A Chorus Line
    Lil & Stitch
    Emperor's New Groove
    Moulin Rouge
    Singing in the Rain
    Encino Man
    The Sound of Music

    Sometimes movies will show up on cable that I haven't seen in a while. I will stop to watch as much of the movie is left. What about you?
    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

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  • #2
    Labyrinth. I own it on DVD
    The Sound of Music
    South Park: the Movie
    The Life of Brian
    Bring It On
    The Matrix
    Star Wars


    • #3
      Chasing Amy
      Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
      *YAY for Kevin Smith*

      Say Anything
      Bring It On
      and... of course... Shaun of the Dead
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      • #4
        Being John Malkovich
        Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
        Human Nature
        Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

        Charlie Kaufman = God.


        • #5

          Indiana Jones
          Oceans 11
          and Eurotrip
          Anyone up for a Colorado Micechatters meet-up?

          Colorado Micechatter Extrordinare!


          • #6
            The Women
            All About Eve
            Emperor's New Groove
            Some Like it Hot
            Auntie Mame
            Gone with the Wind
            A Christmas Story
            Four Weddings and a Funeral
            Love Actually
            The Man Who Came to Dinner
            Bringing Up Baby
            The Lion in Winter
            South Park: BL&U
            Shaun of the Dead
            Ab Fab series
            Vicar of Dibley series
            Keeping Up Appearances series

            So, so many!


            • #7
              I love Some like it Hot!


              • #8
                any disney movie with the making of inside the DVD.....(loved aladdins and mulans..)


                Drumline.... (i am a percussionist..)

                any movie not shown at school about sums it up too... (as long as it aint a chick flick... No GF to watch it with....)


                • #9
                  The Star Wars movies
                  Moulin Rouge
                  and Finding Neverland (I know it's not on DVD yet, but I LOVED it!)


                  • #10
                    Oh, I'm one of those people who will watch the same movie 5 times in theaters alone. The real big winners through the years, though:

                    Aladdin - I just plain love everything about this one
                    Rescuers Down Under - so beautiful, the score is one of my favs, and I always dreamed of flying like that
                    Free Willy - it has a killer whale. That's all I need
                    Raiders of the Lost Ark - for those times when I need adventure vicariously
                    Anastasia - what girl hasn't ever imagined finding out she's a princess?
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