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Disney To Offer Exclusive CD's In New CDVU+ Format


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  • Disney To Offer Exclusive CD's In New CDVU+ Format

    Disney's Hollywood Records label, home to Los Lobos, the Indigo Girls, Hilary Duff, and Regis Philbin, is going to fight declining CD sales by offering CDs with exclusive extra content unavailable anywhere else as a lure to get fans to buy the discs.
    Hollywood Records' artist roster may not be cutting edge (Regis?), but at least the label is willing to experiment with offering music fans something new -- similar to the extra features found on DVDs-- rather than just complaining about new technology and pointing fingers at their customers.
    According to Reuters, the upcoming CDVU+ discs will include "digital magazine extras, song lyrics, band photos and other extras to boost fan loyalty" and the packaging will be recyclable. Some content will be exclusive:
    "The content on a CDVU+ can be downloaded and accessed online and off. The label said the extra content had been produced for the new format rather than using the band's outtakes or widely available material, such as existing music videos."
    Hollywood Records' SVP of marketing, Ken Bunt, said the label is using the traditional CD format to release these tracks rather than a file-based format because fans of his labels' artists are used to CDs (even the Hilary Duff fans?): "We really believe if you're going to give consumers what they want, we should do it in a way they're used to."
    The Jonas Brothers will become the first Hollywood artist to release an album in the CDVU+ format on August 7th.


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