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07-25-07 Podcast with Disney Biographer Neal Gabler


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  • 07-25-07 Podcast with Disney Biographer Neal Gabler

    Neal Gabler: The Wonder of Control

    July 25, 2007

    Neal Gabler, professor, journalist, author, political commentator, and author of Walt Disney, The Triumph of the American Imagination, is our guest for this edition of the here >>

    Or via iTunes >>

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    Re: 07-25-07 Podcast with Disney Biographer Neal Gabler

    If I hear this numbnutz use the word "animationS" again, I'm going to shave his head. It's not only incorrect, it's annoying.

    His book is OK, but not as concise or informative as Michael Barriers. But neither comes close to Steven Watts book "Walt Disney and the American Way of Life."


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      Re: 07-25-07 Podcast with Disney Biographer Neal Gabler

      hmmm? I might give it one try and listen to it next week. I normally sync my podcasts stuff on my iPod in the end of the week and listen to it the following week.
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        Re: 07-25-07 Podcast with Disney Biographer Neal Gabler

        I appreciate the opportunity to hear Gabler speak for himself on the podcast , but your party line description of his book is disappointing:

        I think readers interested in Walt Disney's life and work should compare Gabler's book with the recent one published by Michael Barrier "The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney" and after reading both books decide which book one thinks is actually painstakingly , meticulously researched .

        Barrier has documented the mistakes in Gabler's "meticulous" research here:

        Gabler book Factual Errors and Ambiguities

        and here:

        Gabler's Misrepresentation of Walt Disney's personal character

        Diane Disney Miller
        has spoken out strongly against Gabler's misrepresentation of her parents and against the seeming "endorsement" given to the book by the Disney Co.

        Early this month, Diane Disney Miller, Walt's surviving daughter, sent a fax to a number of executives at the Walt Disney Company, denouncing the book as "a monstrous piece of libelous junk. My parents were not the people he creates in this book, and I cannot understand why all of you who aided and abetted Gabler in writing this book, and who praise it and promote it, can do so without suffering serious qualms."

        As Diane writes in her fax, she at first wanted to have nothing to do with Gabler, who in a previous book carelessly repeated a discredited slur of Walt he had picked up from an unreliable source. To her present regret, she relented "at the urging of some [in the Disney Company] who assured me I would like his book," and she and Gabler met for an interview in San Francisco. She recalls being "startled and dismayed" by some of his assumptions about her parents' courtship and marriage.

        In a recent comment on his web site (Aug. 17, 2007) Barrier notes:

        It might be tempting for some people to dismiss Barrier's comments about Gabler's book as mere "sour grapes" , the green-eyed musings of a jealous author who's own book is not (yet) receiving the same critical attention and sales figures as his "competitor" Gabler ... except for the fact that Barrier has been researching Walt Disney's life and work for many years prior to Gabler's interest in the subject and has the meticulous factual research to back up his claims . Again, the proof is to be found in comparing the two book and looking at Barrier's list of Gabler's Errors . (by the way Barrier has been man enough to have also documented the errors in his own book here: Barrier's Errors in The Animated Man. ) The errors and bad research in Gabler's book are not Barrier's opinion, they are provable, factual errors. Some of Gabler's errors are so basic, so easy to have corrected if he had actually done the "meticulous, painstaking research" claimed, that one is forced to reevaluate whether the book holds any value as a serious scholarly work on Walt Disney.
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          Re: 07-25-07 Podcast with Disney Biographer Neal Gabler

          I agree about the use of "animations." If I hear him use this term incorrectly once more, I'm going to sew his mouth shut!

          Gabler's book is shallow, and gives no sense of the man. It's a glossed over puff piece--no wonder Diane Disney Miller is pissed. She was hoping for a well rounded book, not a corporate stamp.

          Barrier's book, while cut and dried, fills in a few of the gaps Gabler missed out on, but it's not terribly interesting as a whole. His OCD with trivia can be tiresome, but at least he keeps his obnoxious pontificating to a minimum (which for him, is saying something).

          No, the best book about Walt Disney, the Man, is still "The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life," by Steven Watts.


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