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Johnny Trueman and the Sons of Liberty


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  • Johnny Trueman and the Sons of Liberty

    OK, The 4th is upon us...

    And I wanted to give a little bit of hommage to this forgotten Disney Classic Film: Johnny Tremain and the Sons of Liberty.

    We are living in an age where our history is becomming less and less relivant and rarely gets communicated to kids in a meaningful way... Maybe it is the sign of the times to drift away from images of the old west - pioneer times and of revolutionary war times to inspire us. Partly for the fear of being labeled a revisionist... But mostly because the mass appeal of putting something together like the Alamo spelled out as Box Office desaster.

    Disney's Johnny Tremain was produced at a differant time for a differant culture. The year was 1957, the nation feared Communists but not Terrorists... There was the need for national unity after WWII...

    What always gets me is despite the factual errors implicit in the film, the it contains incredible images of a Boston that doesn't exist today... The lanterns in the tree is a good example of this.

    I first saw this movie on the Disney Channel, when I was 10... I fell in love with it, and I think about it every time the 4th comes rolling around. It is the story of a boy studying to be a silversmith, who burns himself and takes up the pen to work at the Boston Observer. He gets thrust in a world and sees the events that have now intered in to the American Lexicon as more legendary... Paul Reviers Ride, The Boston Tea Party, The shot heard round the world...

    I highly recomend this film... As with the made for TV movie Johnny Shiloh, starring Moochie, and was filmed in 1963. A story about the Civil War from the perspective of a drummer.

    Films about American history are part of the programs that have gotten lost. And I wish that the would be brought back...

    Thanks for indulging me, allowing me to share this memory...

    Bring back the Old Disney Channel, show these classic films and made for TV movies...
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    These classics of the revolution have indeed been lost for far too long. But the good news is that Johnny Tremain comes to DVD in August!


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      Or you could read the book.


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        Not the point...
        Check out my other blog:


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