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Comic Con San Diego


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  • Comic Con San Diego

    Yeah I know there's a couple Trip Report/Threads about CC but I thought I'd start my own

    I only got to go Saturday, but it t'was a fairly interesting and crazy time!
    Next year I'm going the whole 9 yards with it (4 days baby)

    I need the get the rest of my pics from the friends I was with, but I'll leave you with a couple teasers:

    Think of it as a game. Can you guess the two people Kuzcochik probably scared upon meeting at Comic Con?

    Victim #1: Who when I saw I made some horrid fan girl noise that I think made him run to the back of the trolley

    Victim #2: The best part of the day.. meeting a childhood/right now Hero ^_^ (Please ignore the terrible fangirly smile)

    Will be back with a bunch more photos soon

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    Re: Comic Con San Diego

    Excellent! Another Comic-con trip report. Keep it coming. Unfortunately, I do not recognize the 2 gentlemen in your pictures, but I can't wait ot hear who they are.


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      Re: Comic Con San Diego

      Hey Cool! I saw Tony Baxter on Friday and Ron Clements was walking around all weekend too.

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        Re: Comic Con San Diego

        K! So here we go. I'm bored and house sitting and finally had time to upload my photos and post about them.

        As I said here's:
        (brought to you in all caps and in stunning 3-D) (note: 3-D effects will not work without proper equipment... sold seperately)

        So we started the day around 10am. Having spent the previous day at Sea World and watching a bunch part of Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Were-Wolf (where I found out a disturbing piece of voice acting trivia that slightly ruined my childhood) we were in... weird spirits.

        We hopped on the trolley and were off on the hour long journey to con. 3 stops away from the Convention Center I'm staring out the window and I do a double take. There smiling away is a man that looks all too familiar to me. I lean over to my friend Scott and ask "Is that Tony Baxter?" My friend Julie goes "I was just thinking the same thing" so we continue staring at the man until he gets onto the trolley. I read his name tag and let out some horrid squeak like noise. I'm pretty sure I scared him to the back of the Trolley and then couldn't bring myself to try and talk to him afterwards. So here's the stalker-y photos I took.

        So we hurry over to the convention center. Already fairly overwhelmed (having not been there before) and getting hit by large "Superman Doomsday" bags people are toting around. We hurry upstairs to get out passes and make our way into the heart of the melee. After grabbing some freebies we meandered around upstairs unsure what we were really doing.
        As we're walking we see a sign for the voice actors panel being held. I had looked at the schedule before leaving home and there hadn't really been anyone I wanted to see but we decided to see who all was there anyway. As we slowly made our way across the back of the room I look at thesecond to last guy on the end and think "hey that looks like Jess Harnel". It wasn't upon closer inspection, but on his right was Rob Paulsen!!! Now I'm a big animation nerd and he is one of my idols/role models (I grew up in the 90's with years of Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, TMNT, and Darkwing Duck to name a few). Plus I'm a huge fan o' voice actors in general
        So Julie and I squeal in fangirly delight and race to get seats. Scott got the whole panel on tape.

        The panel

        Rob Paulsen

        Pretty much everyone else there worked on Harvey Bird Man Attorney At Law or had fairly obscure roles in things:
        In the following pic: The man on the far right is Joe Alaskey: The current voice of Bugs, Daffy and a score of other Looney Tunes Characters
        Themiddle one is: Chris Edgerly the voice of Peter Potamus on Birdamn, and a bunch of characters in the latest addition of Celebrity Death Match
        The last man is Will Ryan the voice of Goofy and Willie the Giant in Mickey's Christmas Carol and Tigger & Rabbit in Welcome to Pooh Corner

        Another shot of Rob and the guy I thought was Jess Harnel from far away (very similar hair) He's actually Wally Wingret: voice of Red Tallest on Invader Zim and a bunch of other random voices on Birdman, Family Guy, and Naratou (sp?)

        Anyway, everyone was asked to talk about some of their famous characters and then some lesser known ones. Most of it was hilarious and amazing

        Rob again (Not that we were showing favoritism):

        Once everyone had finished they told anecdotes about meeting famous people while recording voices.
        Finally everyone was given a script for a shortened version of War of the Worlds
        The rules were simple: Everyone is given a few parts, they read it like a normal script but when the moderator says "Change" they have to change the voice they're using.
        Once again using our dear Mr. Paulsen as an example:
        He started reading his line, rather normal
        was told to change and suddenly sounded like the mad hatter
        then changed again into Pinky (and said the word Mars so hilariously we were quoting it all weekend)
        Afterwards there was a Q&A session: The first person up asked Rob "Pinky are you Pondering what I'm pondering" to which he responded "I think so Matt, but where are we going to find a duck and a hose at this hour?" Then he asked him to sing Yakko's World which he performed flawlessly to a standing ovation (How many times do you think that man's sung that song since that first time in1993?)
        There were more questions about tips to getting into voice acting and the like and then the panel was over.
        Julie and I raced toward the stage where Rob was talking to a girl. We waited patiently and then got a chance to speak to him (well really Julie did). She asked him if he could do the Steelbeak (from Darkwing Duck) laugh and he did and we started laughing and Julie accidentally tripped over a suitcase someone had left next to the stage. It was hilarious and we then talked to him a bit more.
        If you wanna see part of the video go check out youtube and look up "Rob Paulsen 2007" it should be the 1st or 2nd one up there.

        We went outside to talk for a bit and Rob ended up coming out so we asked to get a pic with him (He was seriously the nicest guy ever!!) I asked him if he could give me a "Hello Nurse" which he obliged and it was probably one of the coolest thingsever (My revised life goal is to have him and Jess Harnel say it at me at the same time.... I have high goals okkay :P)
        Here's the pic I posted earlier

        So after the panel and he general fangirly squeeing we headed into the main show room

        Spidey was hanging around:

        Lego Dark Night (his cape blew in the wind it was cool!)

        Julie and I still in a happy dazed state

        The Maleficent statue from Gentle Giants (they're even cooler in person)

        Painted Vader helmet

        The Vader who loves funky fruit hats (Family Guy anyone?)

        Starry Night Vader

        Scott and I chillin' with Optimus

        A pretty cool Davy Jones

        Leia's packin heat

        Elvis Trooper, baby

        Slave Leia near the giant Jabba

        Leia and Jack.... coolest/weirdest crossover ever!!

        Outside the Disney Pirates booth

        Tia Dalma and Gibbs.... Tia was pretty good. Gibbs wasn't great but he gets points cause he was a Gibbs cosplay ^_^

        The black pearl in all its splendor

        Vampire Jack Skellington... wish I'd been paying attention and known he was actually for sale

        OMG Teauge Sparrow 18" Fig!! I want one!

        Bart Man

        Copying an episode of Star Trek we'd watched a few days prior... if anyone knows what this was suppose to be you're either really sad or really cool....

        Da Muppets (I want them all)

        Lots and lots of Cars (I want the Bug Cars, the Twins and the Abominable/Adorable Snowman/mobile)

        Some Batman figs that were kinda weird but pretty cool

        The "Official" Spiderman of Comic Con

        A Bunch of Batman Cosplayers. Everyone but Huntress was pretty good

        I really like Harley and Joker

        and finally C3PO and R2D2 in leggo form.... good times

        That was really about it for our day. We sadly missed the Disney panel but we had a great time and like I said earlier I'm doing the full thing next year. All four flippin' days!! That way I can make sure I see everything.


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          Re: Comic Con San Diego

          Here's Jess Harnell!

          Between you and me we have 66% of the Animaniacs!

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            Re: Comic Con San Diego

            so cool thanks for sharing


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              Re: Comic Con San Diego

              Awesome report. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I am trying to figure out if I can go next year. I so want to go.


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                Re: Comic Con San Diego

                Originally posted by Coheteboy View Post
                Here's Jess Harnell!

                Between you and me we have 66% of the Animaniacs!
                Dude! That's so cool! I totally saw your pic the other day and was like "no way!"
                I know Maurice LaMarche (aka the Brain) was suppose to be there too... like one big Animaniacs reunion 14 or so years later
                I wonder where Tress MacNeil was :P


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                  Re: Comic Con San Diego

                  This is the best pic I've seen yet! That is why entertainment is the BEST! This picture says it all!

                  Ta Da!


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                    Re: Comic Con San Diego

                    Yeah, more Comic Con pics. Good stuff.


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                      Re: Comic Con San Diego

                      Love it! How neat to see Rob Paulsen. I'm jealous.


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                        Re: Comic Con San Diego

                        In case anyone wanted to see it, my friends put up their Comic Con podcast
                        Check it out here:
                        It's the top one on there (Comic Con 2007 )
                        Or you can check it out on Itunes (look up "HorseandRabbit) to get the hi-res version
                        Let me know what ya think if you watch it


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                          Re: Comic Con San Diego

                          Awesome trip report!! Thank you!!!


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                            Re: Comic Con San Diego

                            very cool! i LOVE the one of leia and jack.

                            and those cosplayers of harley and joker = AWESOME!!! i really want to make a costume of her, because she's my boyfriends' favorite villianess.

                            thanks for sharing these with us!

                            kingdom hearts <3er


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