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08-07-07 Chris Sanders and Chris Chibnall Podcast


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  • 08-07-07 Chris Sanders and Chris Chibnall Podcast

    ComicCon Twofer: DreamWorks Animation Director Chris Sanders and Torchwood Executive Producer Chris Chibnall

    In this edition of the , we chat with two prominent individuals from the worlds of art and animation and science fiction action adventure. Our first interview is with artist, writer, and director Chris Sanders, who talks about the challenges of keeping his creative energy flowing. Next, we segue to the world of British science fiction as we speak with Chris Chibnall, writer and executive producer of the hit BBC series Torchwood.

    Download or listen to the podcast here >>

    Be sure to check out our photo feature...

    The Art of Chris Sanders

    Check out the artwork here >>

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    Re: 08-07-07 Chris Sanders and Chris Chibnall Podcast

    Wow, actual interest in the Disneyana community towards Doctor Who and Torchwood. I AM impressed. Some more hard hitting questions could have been posed however. I am curious how the BBC feel about the American audience getting screwed on the timeline between these two wonderful shows. What I refer to is the fact that the events in Torchwood season one take place immediately after Doctor Who season two (Doomsday). Because in America these shows air on two different channels we get the shows aired out of sequence. Russell T Davies has weaved an intricate plot between these shows and its a shame that we Americans are getting screwed.

    The interviewer could have also mentioned that Rose was under the influence of the Tardis' Time Vortex when she resurrected Jack. She's not some sick freak who goes around re-animating dead people . A minor quibble. Congratulations on a great "get" though. Maybe next time you can get RTD himself.


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      Re: 08-07-07 Chris Sanders and Chris Chibnall Podcast


      Interesting screen name. Anyway, we will be addressing some of the points you raise in a future column.

      As for asking Chris Chibnall about the time lag between the original air dates of Dr. Who and Torchwood in the U.K. and the U.S. well, that question was put to the Torchwood panel and they deliberately fobbed it off as a non-issue, blaming programmers at BBC America and the SciFi Channel, who were not present to defend their actions. In short, there was no point in asking the question again since I knew the answer would be wholly unsatisfactory.

      As to going into detail about Rose harboring the heart of the Tardis, I felt the salient point was that American broadcasters might have short changed viewers in an effort to squeeze more commercial time out of the rebroadcast of the show. Going into details of Rose hosting the heart of the Tardis, I believed, would take the listener off in a whole other direction.

      Thanks for listening and paying such close attention.


      C. W.


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