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Bloopers in Disney Animation


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  • Bloopers in Disney Animation

    I am reading a about about the secrets of Disney Animation. For each movie they list the bloopers if they have any. They have thirty movies so I will do six per day over the course of five days. The following qoutes is from David Koenig.

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    "a. Perhaps it's the early animation, but ever-smiling Snow White and Prince Charming just can't keep their mouths shut, literally. In the opening scene, Snow White hums with her mouth open. And to end the scene, a bird kisses Prince Charming on the teeth.
    b. At work in the mises, with diamonds sparkling everwhere, the Dwarfs seem to be picking at barren rock.
    c. During the Dwarfs' first trek home from the diamond mine, Dopey suddenly has a lantern which he didn't have when he started the trip."

    "a. Geppetto paints Pinocchio's eyebrows black, then dips his brush in water to clean it. He next dips his brush in red paint and paints the puppet's mouth black.
    b. Jiminy Cricket cozies up to sleep on the end of a fiddle and kicks his shoes off in front of him. He is roused by the arrival of the fairy and goes to get his shoes, which are some distance away, and sitting neatly heel to heel.
    c. In shots of Geppetto in bed, there is a window right above it. Uet in long shots the window is well to the right of his bed."

    No bloopers listed.

    "a. When Mrs. Jumbo goes into a rage, her shawl momentarily vanishes after a rope is thrown around her neck.
    b. The ringmaster has a pretty ambitious imagination. 'One elephant climbs on top of another elephant until finally all seventeen elephants have constructed an enormous pyramid of pachyderms,' he says, even theough he doesn't own half that many elephants. He does proceed with the act using seven elephants (although at the start of the act he's circled by eight).
    c. When Dumbo and Timothy awaken to find themseves up a tree, Timothy takes a look down and sees the trunk is relatively free of branches and there is no pond or fence below. Yet when he and Dumbo fall, they break through two branches and somehow land in a pond near a fence. When we look back up at the tree, we see the broken branches-on opposite sides of the tree.
    d. The five crows seem to have a puzzling effect over Dumbo's orange collar with the big yellow stripe. In three shots, the collar's yellow stripe disappears, while in two other shots, the entire collar is missing.
    e. Alert Oliver Stone: there may be a sixth crow on the grassy knoll. After singing 'When I See and Elephant Fly,' the five crows fall to the ground laughing their heads off. When we see them laughing on their backs, one of hte crows looks like suspiciously like the leader, but his jacket is brown instead of blue, his shirt has no red stripes, his spats are brown instead of light purple and the sprig in his hat is light purple instead of blue. And in the next shot his cigar disappears. Then he and the other crows are quieted by the real lead row, leaning against a fencepost back with his cigar and traditional outfit."

    "a. While investigating the wonders of nature, Bambi happens upon a mother possum to the right of her three babies, all hanging upside down by their tails from a tree branch. Bambi turns his head, and we then see the possums as he does-rightside up. Except they the mother remains on the right, so that her babies are now to her left.
    b. Faline's eyes are blue, except during the forest fire sequence when she is pursued by the hunting dogs and saved by Bambi, when her eyes are brown.
    c. After the fire. a raccoon is on the riverbank licking its young. The child suddenly vanishes, and the parent continues licking air."

    Song of the South
    No bloopers listed.

    I will do more movies tomorrow.

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    Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

    "The views and opinions expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily represent or reflect those of The Walt Disney Company."


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      Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

      Here are six more. The following quotes are from David Koenig.

      a. "The Case of the Disintegrating Milk Dish: Iarly on, Jaq the mouse kicks Lucifer the cat in the rear, knocking the cat's face into his milk dish. After the puss raises his puss, the dish seems to have dissolved into a puddle of milk."
      b. "When the stepsisters hear that teh just-arrived message is from the palace, they run across the room to grab it from Cinderella, with Anastasia evidently leaving her flute behind. The girls struggle over the invitation, and the Stepmother finally snatches it away and begins to read it. When we take another look at the girls, Anastasia has her flute back in hand."
      c. "Cinderella pulls out of a chest her mother's plain old dress, which she hopes to wear to the ball, and spins it around. When birds lower the gown onto a mannequin, the dress gradually sprouts a big pink bow on the back."
      d. "Hurriedly trying to escape Lucifer with what's left of a brocken necklace, Jaq strings three beads onto Gus' tail. We cut to the cat, and then when we cut back to the mice, Jaq is only stringing bead number two onto Gus' tail."
      e. "For the Roman numberal four, the giant palace clock reads IIII instead of IV. And when the clock strikes eight, the elevenappears to read XII."

      Alice in Wonderland
      a. "During 'The Walrus and the Carpenter' sequence, the Walrus has one finger poking out of a hole in each of his white gloves. But in at least a half-dozen shots at least one glove is miraculously whole."
      b. "When Alice arrives at the White Rabbit's house, she heads for the upstairs bedroom where there's a canopy bed covered by a multi-colored, multi-patterened quilt. When Alice begins to grow, her leg pushes the bed across the room but it now has an orange/pink bedspread. When Alice shrinks back down, the bed has the quilt on it again."
      c. "During Alice's solo at the end of 'Golden Afternoon,' the pansies continue to mouth the song, but only Alice's voice is heard. Most likely animation on the sequence was completed before it was decided to let Alice solo, since on the demo recording of the song, the flower chorus sings until the end."

      Peter Pan
      a. "The opening shot shows the Darling house, with the second story windows to the parents' room opening out and the top story windows to the nursery closed. But once inside, wee see the nursery window is now open-and it opens in!"
      b. "The pillow on a bench inside the nursery windwo is round. In a later shot, it's square. The chair to the right of the window has a red seat, whech teporarily turns blue."
      c. "Hook sits down for a shave from his sidekick, Smee, well away form the side of the ship. In the next shot, he leans back in his chair, against the side of the ship. He bolts from his chair when the crocodile approaches and then when he finally returns to the chair, it's inexplicably near the opposite side of the ship."

      Lady and the Tramp
      a. "Whatever you do, don't set your schedule by the strange calendars used to show the passage of time in Lady and the Tramp. The first shows December 31 as a Thursday, then segues into January 1, also a Thursday. The next calendar shows Novenber 30 as a Friday, but December 1 as a Tuesday. On the third calendar, January 31 is a Sunday, as is February 1."
      b. "In the first shot in front of a zoo, the leash hangs to Lady's right. In the next shot, the leash hangs to her left. Later, when Lady is tied in her doghouse, she looks out as Tramp leaves and her chain is entirely in the doghouse. We cut to the rat and then back to see part of her chain is looped out of the doghouse."
      c. "In early scenes, the rat appears to much smaller than Lady, who is, of course, smaller than Tramp. Yet in the climatic battle in the baby's room, the rat appears to be nearly as large as Tramp."
      d. "The lovers at Makeout Point appear to be in a horsedran carriage-with no horse."
      e. "As the shotgun-toting farmer chases the dogs off his farm, his first gun blast tears a hole through the wire fence but misses the building behind it and to the left. Strangely, his next shot tears a hole through the fence even further to the right, but takes a chunk out of the building to the left."
      f. "One minute Aunt Sarah has the baby in her hands and the next she's swinging a broom at the dog with the baby nowhere in sight and the crib still tipped over. She locks Tramp in the closet and drags Lady to the cellar. Where's the baby all this time?"

      Sleeping Beauty
      a. "In the first scene in the castle, when the three fairies fly towards the crib, Fauna, the green fairy, has her wand in her right hand. As she arrives at the crib, she holds the wand in her left hand."

      101 Dalmatians
      a. "In the opening scene, as Roger lights his pipe at the piano, his watch momentarily vanishes from his left wrist. At the park, he evidently loses his watch in the pond because it's missing from his wrist when he removes his coat to put it on the drenched Anita."
      b. "The first couple Roger and Pongo pass in the park-the short woman with the short dog-were walking in the opposite direction of the park when Pongo spied them form the apartment window a few minutes earlier."
      c. "To encourage a meeting between Roger and Anita, Pongo puts Roger's hat on the park bench beside Anits. Instead, Roger tackles Pongo and snaps a leash onto his collar. Pongo, noticing Anita and Perdits have left, starts pulling Roger in pursuit, leaving the hat still on the bench. But when they get about ten to 20 feet away from the bench, the hat has somehow gotten back on Roger's head."
      d. "Walking down the sidewalk on her way to the park, Anita wears a pale tan outfit. Later in the park, her clothes are a much darker brown. Also, she carres only a book. Yet after tumbling into the pond with Roger, she forgets about her book and instead fishes someone's purse from the bottom of the pond."
      e. "Reaching for a second sandwich, which a pup has sneakily stripped of its innards, Horace says a few words, his speech garbled by the food in his mouth. He then takes a big bite out of the two bare slices of bread and speaks-but now he sounds as if there's nothing in his mouth."
      f. "In the stable, Captain the horse rears up his left hind leg to kick the Baduns but from the back we see him kick with his right leg. And he kicks Jasper first, who had been lined up behind his left leg."
      g. "Television-fixated puppy Lucky is identifiable throughout the movie by his two black ears. But in one shot where, slipping on ice, he compains he wants to walk on snow, his ears are white. Perhaps they were momentarily frozen."

      Six more tommorrow.


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        Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

        Here is six more. The following quotes are from David Koenig.

        The Sword in the Stone
        a. "The dancing sugar bowl isn't the only 'animated' object on Merlin's kitchen table. We first see the bowl of cookies in the middle of table, but in subsequent angles it is closer to Wart's side of table, then closer to Merlin's side, then back in the middle. The creamer gradually edges from near the middle of the table to Merlin's side and then back again. A spoon suddenly appears alongside Wart's cup, disappears and returns again. After Merlin purs tea into the cup in front of him and has Wart hand it to the owl, yet another cupnow assumes its place on the table. Merlin pours tea into a mini-locomotive, which chugs across the table passing a spoon that wasn't there before. It also passes by the teapot, which should still be in Merlin's hand, but not by the creamer, which has vanished. There are no other spoons on the table until Merlin asks Wart if he would like some sugar at which point a spoon suddenly is sticking out of the creamer. Another spoon is lying next to the sugar bowl. As the sugar bowl tramps across the table towards Wart, it passes a saucer that wasn't there before."
        b. "To look up a magic spell, Merlin brings four books to the table. But when the books begin filing into Merlin's bag, there are five of them."
        c. "Kay is wearing a brown shirt while sparring with his father, but when he runs downstairs to battle the dirty dishes he has on a green shirt. Then, in the middle of his sword fight with the brooms, Kay's sword suddenly vanishes. He gets hie sword back in the next shot, but is now fighting with his left hand instead of his right. Finally, after Merlin arrives to deactivate the dishes, Kay's sword now hangs from his side in a sheath that wasn't there before."
        d. "That's an awful weird deck Mim is playing solitaire with. It contains two cards reading Three of Hearts."
        e. "When Wart runs into Merlin's room to tell him he's going to be Kay's squire, Merlin is sitting wiith his chair facing the fireplace and his pipe on a stand to his right. In the next shot, his chair is turned away from the fire, and the pipe and stand have vanished."

        Mary Poppins
        No bloopers listed.

        The Jungle Book
        a. "During the elephant inspection as Colonel Hathi retells his Victoria Cross story, a gray elephant appears among the troops at the front of the lineup who hadn't been there before. Then, when Hathi leans on his pointer, it seems to snap near the center. But when he holds it up to his eye for a closer look, we see it has actually broken just a couple of inches from the end. Meraculously, in the next shot of the colonel swatting a fly off one elephant and cropping the hair of another, the stick has healed itself. A second later, as Hathi turns to Mowgli, it is again broken and, a second later, re-mended when he uses it to poke Mowgli in the nose."
        b. "At night, after the King Louie battle, Baloo speaks with Bagheera as Mowgli sleeps. Baloo has a shiner around his left eye. But when he looks down at the water, his reflection, which should present a mirror image and show the black eye on the opposite side, has the black eye on the some side. Do not despair. Through the miracle of modern medicine, by the end of Baloo's brief conversation with Bagheera, not only does the shiner completely clear up, but the sun completely rises, as well."
        c. "When Bagheera approaches Colonel Hathi to enlist his help finding the runaway Mowgli before Khan does, Hathi stuffs his pointer behind his right ear. In the next shot, the pointer is behind his left ear."
        d. "As the girl form the village arrives at the waterside and begins playing with her hair, she has bows in each ponytail. But in her reflection, there are no bows. She is playing with her hair over her right shoulder, and her reflection, which should mirror her hair over the opposite shoulder, shows her hair over the some shoulder. Fortunately, in the next shot she has her bows back."

        The Aristocats
        a. "Thirty seconds after the dog Napoleon bites the seat out of the butler's pants whele he drives the motocycle, the pants miraculously patch themselves up, because as the butler hangs from the windmill, the dog again bites the seat out of his pants."
        b. "During the climactic battle, after the cats dump the butler into a chest, the lid falls shut and the horse kicks it across the floor of the stable. As it slides to a stop outside the door, the chest suddenly has a padlock on it."

        Bedknobs and Broomsticks
        No bloopers listed.

        Robin Hood
        a. "To elude the Sheriff's men, Robin Hood and Little John swing into a tree before being struck by any arrow. The posse, without shooting any more arrows, gives up. Yet upin the tree, Robin suddenly has in arrow in his hat and Little John an arrow in his shirt. When Robin pulls the arrow out of his hat, it doesn't seem to have made a hole, yet he then puts a finger through to show there actually is a hole. He ehn flicks the arrow at Little John, whe says, 'Watch it, Rob. That's the only hat I've got.' Little John really has nothing to worry about since as soon as you pull the arrows out, the holes disappear."
        b. "After Robin and Little John, disguised as fortunetellers, enter Prince John's coach, the curtains somehow become tied back open, as well as change color from purple to white. Then, while Little John 'kisses' the stones off the rings on Prince John's left hand, Robin slips the entire ring off his right hand. A minute later, Prince John has a stoneless ring back on his right hand."
        c. "Robin gives his yellow hat to the small rabbit, Skippy, and in the next scene the hat is brown. During the escape from the castle, the cap is green."
        d. "When the kids trespass into the castle courtyard, Skippy has a bow and arrow. Midway through the visit, the bow and arrow vanish and Skippy pulls a previously-unseen sword from his belt."
        e. "Keep your eyes on the Sheriff's magical belt. He has a pouch on the belt that appears and disappears during the archery contest., his robbing of the poor box, and in every other shot during his first trip to tax the peasants. While keeping watch at the castle before the big rescue, the sheriff's pouch, sword and ring of keys keep appearing and disappearing and changing places on the belt. And right after he unbuckles his belt before leaving teh peasants and after Robin unbuckles it to slip off the ring of keys, his belt somehow gets refastened."
        f. "Before the archery contest, Little John attempts to kiss Prince John's right hand, which has one ring on it. When the Prince pulls his hand away, there are three rings on the hand. Later in the scene, all the rings are gone."
        g. "During Robin's heist, Prince John is sleeping with two bags of gold, then turns on his side and there's just one bag. Back on his back, there are two bags again. He returns to his side and there's just one bag. After taking all the other bags of gold, Robin discovers one last bag stashed behind Prince John's pillow that wasn't there before. A second later, another last bag of gold appears under the Prince's arm."
        h. "Four little raccoons are taken in chains to the dungeon and are later freed, but as they flee to safety across the courtyard, there are five raccoons."

        That's it for today. I will do six more tomorrow.


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          Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

          You got these from "Mouse Under the Glass" didn't you? Its a great book. I suggest you read the two mice tales books by the same author.
          Do you fear death? You fear that dark abyss? All your deeds laid bail. All your sins PUNISHED.


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            Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

            Originally posted by Imagineer8689
            You got these from "Mouse Under the Glass" didn't you? Its a great book. I suggest you read the two mice tales books by the same author.
            Yeah, it's called Mouse Under Glass. Here are the next six movies. Once again the quotes are from David Koenig.

            The Rescuers
            a. "To retrieve Penny's note, Bernard leans a comb against the side of the bottle to use as a ladder. As he begins his climb, Bernard has rope slung around his left shoulder. In the following shot, he has the rope around his right shoulder. After rescuing the note from the bottle, Bernard now finds himself semmingly trapped inside. The rope he used to pull himself from the top of the comb to the top of the bottle is tied around the lip of the bottle and draped down its side. Yet, somehow, right before Bernard wants to climb out, the rope is hanging down inside the bottle."
            b. "As Bernard and Bianca plummet from albatross Orville down into the swamp, they slow their fall by opening their umbrella. Unfortunately, the umbrella is pulled inside out, sending our heroes plunging toward the water. Yet the next time we see the mice, they are under the umbrella, which is no longer inside out."
            c. "When Penny first meets Bernard and Bianca, she shows them that the alligators have torn the backside of her underwear. Likely story. There was no rip visible when she pulled her nightgown over her head a few minutes earlier."

            Pete's Dragon
            No bloopers listed.

            The Fox and the Hound
            a. "From the owl's eye view, we see Tod's mother stashing the little fox in a tuft of high grass at the base of a fence post. On closer inspection, there's a large clearing at the base of the post with the tall grass a few feet back."
            b. "In the opening scene, Boomer the woodpecker has five dark specks on his chest, then six, then five, then six again. In the next scene he has eight specks, in another seven."
            c. "Amos Slade must shop at eh same pet store where Mr. Darling bought his puppy in Lady and the Tramp. After getting his new puppy, Amos keeps him in a sack. But the trapper obviously trusts the pup because, although his trustworthy dog Chief is roped to his doghouse, Amos lets the mischievous pup run around unleashed."
            d. "When Amos first arrives at the game preserve, he carries only a gun and wire clippers. During his walk, he stops and pulls two traps from behind his back. He then sets up at least five traps. Tod eventually springs about a half dozen traps, and there's still one more left for Amos to step into."

            The Great Mouse Detective
            a. "In the saloon, part of Dawson's disguise is a gold earring in his right ear. But the ear is momentarily bare when he first takes a seat and in two seperate shots after he hets drunk. After he's captures by Ratigan, the earring disappears completely, except for one brief shot while he lies penned in a giant mousetrap."

            Who Framed Roger Rabbit
            No bloopers listed.

            Oliver and Co.
            a. "When Oliver lashes out at one Doberman, he leaves three bloody scratches on the dog's nose. The scratches clear up in the next shots, but reappear before the dog leaves."
            b. "When Tito first meets Georgette, the two notches that had been on his left ear now on his right ear."
            c. "In Sykes' warehouse, Jenny, while tied to a chair, falls from a cable. But when she lands, the chair is gone."
            d. "As the Dobermans chase the escaping trike, instead of fading into the disntance, first the dog on the left and then the dog on the right suddenly vanish into thin air."
            e. "After Sykes' death, when Dodger returns Oliver to Jenny, the cat's collar is missing. It's absent as well when Jenny is holding Oliver in fromt of her house as the dogs leave her birthday party."

            Tomorrow will be the last six movies.


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              Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

              Here are the last six movies. Once again the quotes are from David Koenig.

              The Little Mermaid
              a. "In the establishing shot before the concert, the grand chandelier is lit. But seconds later it's out, so Triton can light it during his grand entrance."
              b. "As Ariel swims to the shipwreck, she's not carrying anything. Yet when she arrives at the boat's porthole, she has an orange bag on her left wrist."
              c. "After 'Part of Your World,' Sebastian gets a themble caught on his leg. In a rear shot, the themble disappears, reappears when the angle changes, and finally disappears for good as he exits."
              d. "As Ariel watches Eric's ship, the vessel launches some fireworks from its side portals. The ship sails to the right, followed by an identical flash of fireworks coming from the middle of the ocean-the exact spot where the ship portals were during the first fireworks launch."
              e. "When Max discovers Ariel spying on the festivities on the ship, the dog licks her right cheek. Ariel reacts by wiping her left cheek."
              f. "As Ariel sits in front of the mirror, a blonde and a black-haired sister are on her left and another sister with brown, spiky hair sits to her right. But when the camera pulls back from the mirror, the blonde and brown-haired mermaids have switched places."
              g. "At first glance the seagull appears to have done a lousy job configuring an old tarp's jagged bottom edge miraculously levels out. And it turns out he's somehow even sewn a pocket into the makeshift dress for Sebastian."
              h. "At the table, just before dinner is served, Ariel, Eric and Grimsby all have empty plates set before them. Just before Grimsby is served, the plate in front of him vanishes. After Sebastian runs across the table to Ariel's plate, the lemon wedges disappear from Grimsby's plate."
              i. "Ariel is barefoot on the dock before she jumps into the water to stop Eric's wedding. On the ship, the shell containing Ariel's voice breaks at her bare feet, but after she regains her voice and is greeted by Max, she's momentarily wearing shoes."

              Beauty and the Beast
              a. "In the opening scene, we first see Gaston with his rifle. His gun suddenly disappears when he starts down the street after Belle, not resurfacing until he climbs out onto a roof, after which it disappears for good. In the same scene, Belle's basket temporarily disappears midway through her walk down the street."
              b. "When Gaston arrives at Belle's house to propose, the cottage door opens out and is left open as they walk across the room. Soon after, Gaston backs Belle against the door, which has somehow closed, but she opens the door out and slips away, so Gaston falls through. Belle pulls the door shut, then quickly opens the door in and tosses out his boots."

              a. "After Rajah bites a chunk out of Achmed's pants, the seat of the suitor's pants is torn, but his now visible heart-spotted underwear appear unharmed. Still, Rajah somehow has a sizable swatch of heart-spotted underwear in his mouth."
              b. "During the 'Prince Ali' number, the Genie assists a group of onlookers to stand on each other's shoulders to shake the new prince's hand. Five of them fall on top of Ali, but somehow he ends up being buried by seven men. Then the prince hoists them up into an acrobatic arragement-and there are only six men."

              The Lion King
              a. "As Simba descends Pride Rock after Scar's death, Zazu bows and mouths 'Your majesty,' but no words come out. The words were snipped when they seemed to detract from the solemn moment."

              a. "As soon as th storm hits, the British flag on the ship's mast is shredded, but the second the harsh weather subsides, the flag is restored."

              The Hunchback of Notre Dame
              a. "At the end of the Festival of Fools, Esmerelda leaps onto the stage and cuts Quasimodo's ropes. A second later, he's still tied, then freed again in the next shot."
              b. "Phoebus is struck in the back by an arrow, but later we see it's torn the front of his shirt and Esmerelda stitches up his chest. Phoebus keeps us further guessing as to the location of his wound by hobbling around and clutching his arm."

              These are the thirty films that are in the book. I hope you enjoyed reading the bloopers.


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                Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

                You can find many of the bloopers including some of the ones above in Mouse Under Glass by David Koenig


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                  Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

                  Don't forget, In Peter Pan when the Darling Children & Peter are flying up to the second star on the right in the beginning of the film, for a few seconds they have no faces.


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                    Re: Bloopers in Disney Animation

                    Oh and for those who have seen Disneys cartoon classic, The Wind in the Willows there is a scene towards the end where toad is being chased by dogs. But when toad is being chased by dogs, he is bigger than them. I always thought dogs would have been at least 10 times bigger than a toad! I have never seen such small dogs! LoL


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