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Favorite Superbowl commercial?


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  • Favorite Superbowl commercial?

    Whats your favorite super bowl commercial.. and describe it...

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    Hmmm... I thought it was a whole lot of duds this year, for the most part. I think the one with the 10 things a SuperBowl ad needs was pretty good, though.
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      I only saw maybe 20 minutes of the game. The best commercial that I saw was this: a guy is cooking dinner, and his girlfriend (or his wife, didn't make it clear in the commercial) is coming up to the door. The guy turns around, and accidently spills over a pan of red sauce all over the floor. The cat gets in the sauce, and the guy picks it up. The woman enters, only to see the guy holding the cat (which looks rather lifeless) over the puddle of sauce, making it look very much like he killed her cat. It then said something like "Don't judge too quickly". Don't remember what it was a commercial for, but I found it rather funny at the time.


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        I'd have to go with the ad...pretty funny stuff.

        And the commercials for Americquest Mortgage Co. were also good. That was the one with the cat and there was a commerical prior, someone was talking on a cell phone but had the ear bud in...he goes into the local liquor store and said something to the effect about give me your money (but hewas actually talking on the phone) the owners cattle prod him and attack him with pepper spray and a cattle prod ..thinking he was holding them up.


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          Ienjoyed the Burt Reynolds FedexKinkos commercial. The dancing bear routine was a crackup, I'd rather let people see at
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            I agree that for the most part the ads this year were not all that spectacular. It seems like the last couple of years the quality has gone down. The Fedex one was good, and I liked the Ameriquest ones. I thought playing the one about the Mustang convertable 3 times was a bit much. There was one that Budwiser did with a bunch of animals that was kinda cute but weird....

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              Hands down the spot, the only one with the cajones to be daring. Loved it.

              I think it's ridiculous that FOX, at the NFL's urging, pulled that ad's second airing during the fourth quarter. This self censorship crap is just getting waaaaaay out of hand.


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                I agree that the commercials were pretty tame this year and didn't leave that much of an impression this time around. That in-action figure commercial (momma's boy) was kind of funny but did it really have anything to do with deoderant?
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                  The highlights in an otherwise underwhelming night were the Ameriquest ("don't judge too quickly') Ads, and perhaps the chimps (both careerbuilder and verizon).


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           was supost to air twise.. Fox approved it.. but the NFL called them and told them not to show it again......

                    (thought i wish fox approved the bud commercial with jannet jackson's costume...... that one is hilarious...)


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                      I watched some more of the commercials last night. God Bless TiVo.

                      The Career Builder one is hilarious. My favorite was the one with the In Action hero doll. One of the most creative bits of advertising I have seen in a while. I want one of those dolls!

                      My husband liked the Cedric one with the two girls. I liked the Budweiser Clydsdale Horse ads, super cute.

                      The talking babies need to stop. I thought it was the most tastless ad I have seen in a long time. Mixing sexual innuendo and children is soooooooooo not cool in my book.
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                        The Career Builder commercials were great. They followed the rule :monkey: + people clothes= FUNNY
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                          Originally posted by Jazzman
                          Hands down the spot, the only one with the cajones to be daring. Loved it.
                          That's my favorite, too.
                          Originally posted by Jazzman
                          I think it's ridiculous that FOX, at the NFL's urging, pulled that ad's second airing during the fourth quarter. This self censorship crap is just getting waaaaaay out of hand.
                          For the second time in one post, I agree with you.


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                   was the best, Anheiser-Busch's was the most tasteful (which they tend to be for the Super Bowl only) Diet Pepsi with Carson from Eye and Bud Light skydivers was hysterical. McDonald's Lincoln fry was lame. Heineken with Brad appropriate!
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                              My favorite ads were the Ameriquest Mortgage ads.

                              I was bored and found a banned Bud ad on (warning there is mild adult content on that site)


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                                that was classic Superbowl commercialism.


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