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Famous Disney Duck added to city list


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  • Famous Disney Duck added to city list

    That should read as Famous Disney Duck..... Sorry, I just type too fast and don't always see the spelling errors. Anyway.....

    He famously owns a swimming pool full to the brim with crisp, green banknotes, but now it has been confirmed that Scrooge McDuck belongs to the dear green place.

    Donald Duck's frugal and cantankerous Caledonian uncle has delighted generations of youngsters since he first appeared in Disney comics in 1947. Now research has proved that the anthropomorphic, animated tycoon traces his roots back to Glasgow.

    Evidence of his Clydeside provenance means McDuck has been added to the city's list of famous citizens, alongside such luminaries as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Donald Dewar and Billy Connolly.

    The beaked multi-millionaire has now been included in Glasgow City Council's online list of famous Glaswegians.

    A spokeswoman said: "Over the years, Glaswegians have made their mark on the political, scientific, educational, religious, commercial and cultural map at home and abroad.

    "We have carried out some research and were delighted to discover that Scrooge McDuck hails from Glasgow."

    The online listing states that he is "the richest duck in the world; Donald Duck's uncle and great uncle to Huey, Dewey and Louie."

    McDuck's nationality is obvious given his surname and his lugubrious Scottish brogue, but his hometown remained a mystery. But an obscure US comic called The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck, published in 1996, depicts the eponymous web-footed hero growing up as a humble shoeshine boy in Glasgow, which is shown as a grey metropolis of smoking chimneys and cobbled streets.

    The young urchin shines a ditchdigger's boots and is initially enraged to find that he has been given a US dime as payment. But it inspires him to stow aboard a Clyde cattle ship and head to the US with the goal of making his fortune.
    The comic also reveals that McDuck's ancestral clan home was in a castle based on Dismal Downs near Rannoch Moor - which was described as "as desolate a piece o'real estate as ye'll find anywhere in Scotland".

    Comic-strips and cartoons of McDuck, who was based on his miserly Dickensian namesake, have been translated into more than 15 languages.
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    Re: Famous Dinsey Duck added to city list

    That's nice to know.


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