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Disney Formally Announces Hawaii Resort and DVC (Merged)


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  • Disney Formally Announces Hawaii Resort and DVC (Merged)

    Walt Disney Co. is looking to build a stand-alone hotel in Hawaii.

    Disney representatives have told the Star-Bulletin that Hawaii is on the list of places the company's Parks and Resorts unit is scouting for potential new hotels.

    "We've got nothing to announce today, but clearly Hawaii as well as other geographies are attractive markets for us as we look for ways to grow our business," said Disney spokeswoman Lisa Haines.

    A local broker who asked not to be identified said the 52-year-old theme park and resort operator is close to signing a deal with the Ko Olina Resort & Marina. Ko Olina developer Jeff Stone could not be reached for comment yesterday.

    Disney has previously said that it would not be building another theme park in any of the domestic states. However, the company is looking at a number of different areas worldwide to build new stand-alone hotels.
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    Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

    Hawaii probably makes a lot of sense for this kind of venture of anywhere I can think of.


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      Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

      Originally posted by Loomis View Post
      Walt Disney Co. is looking to build a stand-alone hotel in Hawaii.
      I heard there was interest in actually making this a DVC off site resort somewhat similar to the Vero Beach and Hilton Head properties


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        Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

        Here is more on this developing story:

        HONOLULU -- The Walt Disney Co. could announce as soon as this week that it is looking to build a resort on Oahu, according to KITV sources.
        Disney plans to build a hotel in Ko Olina.
        Sources told KITV Disney is looking at undeveloped land on the Diamond Head side of the Ihilani Resort and Spa. That is where sources said Disney would build its own resort or condos with direct access to Lagoons one and two at Ko Olina.
        "We've got nothing to announce today, and that the company is not confirming the speculation," Walt Disney Parks and Resorts spokeswoman Lisa Haines said.
        Haines refused to go into further detail. However, she did elaborate on the company's business approach.
        "We look at many geographies, and clearly Hawaii is an attractive market, but we look at many geographies as we think about ways to grow our business," Haines said.
        Disney's chief financial officer told an investor conference just a few weeks ago that Disney does not plan to build any more theme parks in the United States. He said the company is looking at other international locations for theme parks.
        Disney owns numerous resorts at and near its Anaheim, Calif., and Orlando, Fla., theme parks. It also has a Disney Vacation Club, which operates time-share condos in Hilton Head, South Carolina and Vero Beach, Fla.
        Ko Olina developer Jeff Stone did not return KITV's phone call for comment.
        Earlier this year, Stone's company returned a $75 million state tax credit because it no longer planned a world-class aquarium there. Stone said the Ko Olina resort area was in the middle of $1 billion of development and he had not used the tax credit since it was granted in 2003.
        KITV's sources cautioned that these types of deals are never sure things until construction begins.
        The sources said that Stone has negotiated and been close to making deals with Mandarin resorts, the Trump organization, Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton to develop properties at Ko Olina, but all those deals eventually fell through, some of them even after a letter of intent was signed.


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          Disney Plans Hawaii Resort?

          Picked this up from another site, but haven't seen this posted here. Sorry if I missed it.

          That was wonderful! Bravo! I loved that! Ah, that was great! Well, it was pretty good. Well, it wasn't bad. Uh, there were parts of it that weren't very good though. It could have been a lot better. I didn't really like it. It was pretty terrible. It was bad. It was awful! It was terrible! Take 'em away! Boo! Boo!



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            Re: Disney Plans Hawaii Resort?

            Original thread posted here a few days back:


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              Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot


              Originally posted by Phonedave
              Well, if your parents can't teach you, maybe you can learn from a taser.


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                Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

                Originally posted by tjcjr View Post
                I heard there was interest in actually making this a DVC off site resort somewhat similar to the Vero Beach and Hilton Head properties


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                  Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

                  I know it's not going to happen (possible OLC license on TDS plans, plus reluctance to build addl. domestic parks).... but how cool would it be to have the:

                  OAHU DISNEYSEA Park and Hotel.

                  OK just dreaming aloud.


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                    Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

                    A DVC resort in Hawaii would be great! Ko Olina looks like a nice area.


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                      Re: Disney takes a look at building Hawaii spot

                      It was announced today



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                        Disney Formally Announces Hawaii Resort and DVC

                        As rumored and posted on other threads - Disney made the annoucement today


                        Walt Disney Co. to build hotel and time share on Oahu
                        Rendering of announced Disney Hawaii resort

                        Rendering of announced Disney Hawaii resort (DISNEY / October 3, 2007)

                        Jason Garcia | Sentinel Staff Writer
                        5:23 PM EDT, October 3, 2007

                        The Walt Disney Co. announced this afternoon that it will build a more than 800-room hotel and time share on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, billing the project as "Disney's first mixed-use family resort outside of its theme parks."

                        "This resort will give our guests another way to visit an exciting part of the world with a brand they trust," Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo said in a prepared statement. "We are looking forward to building a special family resort that honors the cultural diversity of Hawaii and reflects the spirit of aloha that makes this location so unique."

                        The announcement comes eight months after Rasulo told investors that Disney was considering building standalone hotels, independent entertainment districts or even niche theme parks in locations far beyond its mega-resorts in Orlando and four other cities around the world.

                        Disney said it has purchased 21 acres of oceanfront land for the project on the southwestern corner of Oahu, Hawaii's most populous island. The property is part of Ko Olina Resort & Marina, about 25 miles from the heart of Honolulu.

                        The company said its Imagineering unit is still finalizing designs but that it intends to begin construction on the resort next year with a goal of opening by 2011. An artist's rendering depicts a lush, tropical setting with palm trees, thatched roofs and Tiki torches -- and nary a Disney character in sight.

                        Jim Lewis, the president of Disney Vacation Club, the company's Celebration-based time-share arm, said at least half of the resort's units would be time-share villas.


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                          Re: Disney Formally Announces Hawaii Resort and DVC

                          The concept art in the article is some of the lamest I've seen ever. Doesn't really show any elements except for a lazy river, water park element with Palm Trees... very original


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                            Re: Disney Plans Hawaii Resort?

                            Disney's Press Release
                            Disney Expands Resort Business on Oceanfront Property in Hawaii

                            Luxury family resort planned for Ko Olina

                            BURBANK, Calif., October 3, 2007 – Walt Disney Parks & Resorts announced today that the company has finalized plans to purchase 21 acres of oceanfront property on Hawaii's island of Oahu.

                            The property, located on the island's western side in the picturesque Ko Olina Resort & Marina, Honolulu's premier resort destination, will be home to Disney's first mixed-use family resort outside of its theme park developments. The expansive resort, scheduled to open in 2011, will have more than 800 units including hotel rooms and villas for Disney Vacation Club, which is Disney's rapidly growing timeshare business.

                            "This resort hotel will give our guests another way to visit an exciting part of the world with a brand they trust," said Jay Rasulo, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. "In fact, Hawaii has been among our most requested Disney Vacation Club getaway locations beyond our theme parks. We are looking forward to building a special family resort that honors the cultural diversity of Hawaii and reflects the spirit of aloha that makes this location so unique."

                            Consistently ranked as one of the top family destinations in the world, Hawaii's natural beauty and extensive offering of family activities make it an ideal location for a Disney resort.

                            "Disney and Hawaii have something special in common, and that is the recognition of the importance of 'ohana,'" said Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle. "We are pleased that a company known for providing families with a way to spend quality time together is investing in Hawaii. This is a wonderful opportunity for our residents who will develop careers at the new resort as well as people from around the world, who will visit our state to stay at this exciting new destination. Disney's presence in Hawaii opens new opportunities for innovative partnerships in non-tourism-related sectors, including new media and digital technology."

                            Upon completion, the resort hotel is anticipated to create more than 1,000 new jobs on Oahu and opportunities to develop long-term professional careers. Disney was recently named one of the top places to launch a career by Business Week magazine and is a competitive employer.

                            Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann said, "As a mayor who works out of Kapolei on a regular basis and who has launched numerous economic development initiatives there, I know people in West Oahu will be excited that Disney has decided to build its new resort in Ko Olina. My family and I have visited most of the Disney parks and resorts around the world, and are huge Disney fans. I believe that Disney can help our city build a livable community in Kapolei where people can live, work and raise their families. We look forward to welcoming Disney to Honolulu as our new corporate neighbor."

                            Ko Olina
                            The new resort hotel will be the latest addition to the Ko Olina development, known for its sweeping ocean views, picture-postcard white sand beaches and tranquil crystal blue lagoons.

                            Jeff Stone, President of The Resort Group and master developer of Ko Olina, has been working closely with Disney on the land acquisition and project. "Ko Olina means 'place of joy,' and I can't imagine a more perfect fit here than a Disney resort that will bring joy to people from around the world," Stone said. "For many years, it has been our vision to continue to expand Ko Olina as a premier vacation destination for families and business travelers, and this new Disney resort hotel is making that vision a wonderful reality."

                            Senate President Colleen Hanabusa said, "Disney is known for making dreams come true, and the choice of Disney to build its new resort on the leeward side of Oahu sends a positive message to our youth. This will be a place that residents will be proud to see built, and having Disney as a neighbor has the potential to inspire our youth to dream about the possibilities for the future right here in our own community."

                            Disney Vacation Club
                            Part of the Disney resort hotel in Ko Olina will be dedicated to Disney Vacation Club, a timeshare program that helps families enjoy flexibility and savings on vacations for decades to come. By becoming a member of Disney Vacation Club, families can enjoy vacations at Disney destinations worldwide as well as more than 500 other popular Member Getaways vacation locations around the globe.

                            Disney Vacation Club has grown to serve more than 350,000 individual members from more than 100 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

                            "We are delighted to create a place in Hawaii that our Disney Vacation Club members can call home," said Jim Lewis, President of Disney Vacation Club. "We know that both our existing members and new members will be thrilled about this resort in Ko Olina."

                            Design Work
                            Designs for the resort are still being finalized by Walt Disney Imagineers, who have been traveling extensively throughout Hawaii for the past several months as they garner ideas to develop a resort celebrating Hawaii's vibrant culture and rich heritage. The team is working closely with local architects, engineers and cultural advisors, conducting research and exploring the region, building on a tradition that has long been a hallmark in the creation of everything from Disney films to Disney vacation destinations.

                            Plans for the resort hotel are expected to be finalized and revealed in early 2008.

                            Disney's Hawaiian Heritage
                            While the announcement marks Disney's first resort hotel development in Hawaii, the company's love affair with the islands began in the company's infancy with founder Walt Disney. From the 1937 Mickey Mouse animated short "Hawaiian Holiday" to the Hawaiian setting of Disneyland's groundbreaking Enchanted Tiki Room attraction, which debuted in 1963 and established the Audio-Animatronics art form, to the inclusion of Disney's Polynesian Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort, Walt often pulled inspiration from the popular islands.

                            Walt Disney Pictures continued the Hawaiian legacy in 2002 with the hit animated film "Lilo & Stitch," an original story about a Hawaiian girl who tames a seemingly untamable alien by teaching the meaning of "ohana," the Hawaiian tradition of family. The Walt Disney Company also does extensive film work in Hawaii, including on-location production for the hit ABC series "Lost." The feature film "Pearl Harbor" was also shot on location in Oahu.

                            "We are very excited about becoming part of the Ko Olina community," Rasulo said. "Clearly, Hawaii already has a special place in our hearts and in Disney's history. Building a resort hotel in Hawaii is the next chapter in our effort to create immersive Disney experiences that allow families to reconnect and recharge in the areas of the world they most long to visit."


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                              Re: Disney Formally Announces Hawaii Resort and DVC

                              You're right. But I'm surprised they 1) announced it today and 2) released concept art with the announcement. Plus it states that they plan to start construction next year. They are serious about it. Amazing. But anyways, I look forward to seeing what the final product looks like. Good excuse to take a trip to Hawaii. I think it's a step in the right direction. The fact that they have no plans on building new parks, they finally are focusing on what they already have based on the reports circling about CA, FL, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. The days of the Pressler Empire are fading fast behind us.


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