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  • The Pixar Story Movie Review

    Hello all, I recently got to preview a documentary on Pixar called, The Pixar Story. It was filmed by Leslie Iwerks. My review is below and on my site. Here is a link to it on my site. There was also a question and answer session I am trying to get online from the theater owner, when it is put up I will either make a new post or update this post. The bottom line is all of you want to see this movie.

    I got to catch a screening of The Pixar Story, which is a documentary on the rise of Pixar to become the eventual new partner in the Disney animation world. Coming from a long hard 10 year dark period with Disney, and a 10 year amazing period with Pixar I figured this movie was going to be interesting, what type of access was this granddaughter, of a Disney animator going to have. What will she address and who will she get to talk to.

    The Pixar Story comes off almost as you would expect it to. Hard times at the beginning, that leads to some sucesses, hard work and more sucesses, leads to Toy Story, and so on and so forth to Cars, and then Disney buying Pixar. Being a Disney fan myself, this outlined shell of a story was expected, and that information is pretty much known to most Disney/Pixar fans. So what is it about this movie that would make me say go see it. Access. This movie has access, accesses that as a Disney fan, we never really get to see.

    Disney is very polished, and their image is as such, the footage we get to see about behind the scenes things are as well polished and we never get that feel of full access. This movie had that feel. We got to see the old footage at Pixar, we got to see where John Lassiter slept under his desk. We got to see the offices, footage of original works that until this movie have never been given the rights to see (Where The Wild Things Are) There were interviews with Bob Iger, Michael Eisner, Lassiter, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, and so on. Most of these interviews were not short and clippy either. They were long, they dealt with a lot of information and a lot of inside information. It was the type of thing I as a Disney fan are looking for in the transitions we are seeing in the Disney Company today. The documentary was a refreshing look at the changes in Pixar and Disney and gives hope for Disney fans of things to come.

    Please check out this movie if you can. It will be released in quite a few cities the 28th of this month. For more information on cities where this movie will be screening please check out

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