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Hong Kong Police set for Disney control - The Standard - 7/15/05


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  • Hong Kong Police set for Disney control - The Standard - 7/15/05

    Hong Kong Police set for Disney control -7/15/05

    Police are to incorporate a coordination center at their new post outside Hong Kong Disneyland when the park opens on September 12 to respond to any trouble with crowds or road traffic problems.

    ''Issues on crowd control and traffic top our agenda. We expect a large number of visitors when the theme park opens,'' said Lantau district commander Keith Chau.

    Police opened the 6,000-square-foot Penny's Bay Police Post near the entrance to the theme park on Lantau Island July 1.

    The HK$33 million seven-meter-high concrete single-story building has a report room and a temporary custody area behind it.

    The post, which is open between 8am and 11.30pm, is run by police sergeant Chiang May-ling and eight constables.

    Each shift will have four police constables, with two of them staying at the police post while the others patrol the area surrounding the theme park.

    The police post also has a briefing and control room adjacent to the report room which can be used as a temporary command post in case of emergency.

    While uniformed officers will not be inside the theme park, officers can enter it at any time to uphold the law.
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