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Disney Animation Art at Forest Lawn Glendale


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  • Disney Animation Art at Forest Lawn Glendale

    I didn't see a Disney animation specific section to put this in, so I hope people will see it here...

    For those of you in Southern California, I discovered an exhibit at the museum at Forest Lawn Glendale that would be of interest to Disney fans, as it includes some fantastic original conceptual and production art and maquettes from the Disney Animation Research Library. The exhibit ends on January 6, 2008, so make plans to see it soon.

    The exhibit is called VISIONS - The World of Fantasy Art and features the work of several artists who do fantasy art. A significant portion of the exhibit also features art from the Disney Animation Research Library, including conceptual art, character designs, storyboard examples, background art, cell setups and maquettes. The pieces are from films such as Snow White, Fantasia, Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and even one from The Black Cauldron. Just a few of the Disney artists work represented are Marc Davis, Mary Blair and Glen Keane. Most of the pieces appear to be the real deal, that is, the actual original art from the ARL, not reproductions produced for display.

    The work of the other fantasy artists is also worth viewing, and the museum has other interesting exhibits to peruse, including a nice exhibit of pieces from Forest Lawn's exquisite stained glass collection.

    Here's a link to the info blurb about the exhibit on Forest Lawn's website that includes the names of the other artists whose works are in the exhibit:

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