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    Re: Toy Story Mania Official Website

    Originally posted by Imaginationeer View Post
    I imagine non-flash pictures will be allowed, but even if you have a really good camera, it will probably be hard to get a clear picture.
    The only good ones will be with a diffraction polarizer on the camera lens - or better, a stereo camera with a pair of the ride glasses strapped over the lenses (or properly aligned polarizing filters) to get the right stereo effect. And really fast film (or high sensitivity CCD's for digital) because it's indoor projected images.

    Even with the right photo gear it will be extroardinarily difficult to get clear pictures inside the ride, unless you are an Official Disney Photographer and they set up some static shots for you.

    Low light can be solved with a long exposure and no motion, and access to stand a tripod where Guests can't normally go when the ride is in operation...

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      Re: Toy Story Mania Official Website

      Originally posted by DisneyDreamer500 View Post
      I am so excited for this ride. We are planning a vacation for 2010 when there's supoosed ti be another new attraction there. And imgainator, this is Aladdinjrstar!
      Another old forum member. I see you've migrated here as well. lol

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