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Refurbishment of The Polynesian Resort


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  • Refurbishment of The Polynesian Resort

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    Resort Makeover Merits High Praise
    Renovation now complete on the Guest rooms at Disney's Polynesian Resort

    With the room renovation at Disney's Polynesian Resort now complete, kudos from the Resort's loyal patronage have been pouring in to Guest Service Operations Manager Bruce Jennings. And he couldn't be happier.
    "We've had a wonderful reaction from our Guests," Bruce told us. "The whole room feels much more modern, but still captures that unique island ambiance."
    Bruce couldn't be more correct. The newly renovated rooms feature lavishly designed wood furnishings and beautifully detailed bedding and tapestry. Everything is a colorful wash of green and brown earth tones mixed with lovely blues and burnt orange accents. The dark wood furniture is absolutely striking, giving a more luxuriant feel to the room.

    Reinvigorating a Disney icon
    To fully appreciate the new look and feel of the Resort rooms, it helps to know a little about the history of Disney's Polynesian Resort. From the opening day of Walt Disney's Florida vacation kingdom, the Resort has always served as one of the icons of this magical place.
    In the Seventies, people across the country sat in awe in their living rooms watching Hollywood stars stroll its palm tree-laden grounds in countless Wonderful World of Disney TV specials. In the early days, it was one of only two Resort hotels (with Disney's Contemporary ResortWalt's Imagineers thought of it as an extension to the Park, a place where Guests could live the adventure 24 hours a day in a tropical hideaway all their own.

    Guest-inspired improvements
    The Resort's unique place in Disney history has helped it gain quite a community of fans. "Guests continually tell us about their devotion to this particular Resort," says Bruce, "which is why we sought their input before we started the renovation. They came back loud and clear that they wanted a modern update without upsetting the wonderful theming that this Resort holds."
    To that end, new improvements like a refrigerator in every room and more efficient closet space were accomplished with a multifunctional built-in wardrobe that truly captures the mood of the South Seas. Other improvements like a writing desk and nesting tables were cleverly designed to make the most of the floor space in the Resort's nicely sized rooms.
    "We've always focused on families," Bruce added. "So one of our goals was to make the room's daybed as comfortable as we could. We turned to our friends for help on this challenge. They've always been rated extremely high on the comfort of their daybeds and we've brought that design to our Resort. It's worked out great!"

    Grass skirts and tiki torches
    During his three-and-a-half-year tenure at Disney's Polynesian Resort, Bruce has overseen a great deal of changes that have all helped to reinforce the Resort's island theme.
    "When you come to the Resort at night and see all the tiki torches lit and catch the fireworks across the lagoon, it really is like a whole other world. All our work was done to enhance that feeling.
    "The recently renovated "bou-tiki" shop in the lobby was inspired by a story Walt Disney Imagineering wrote about island spirits coming to life in the middle of the night. And every afternoon we host something called the Yaka Dula Keiki Hula, where we hand out grass skirts and instruments to the kids and stage a hula dance party. It puts a smile on everyone's face to see the kids dancing and playing their maracas and drums."
    It seems that as Disney's Polynesian Resort enters this latest chapter in its storied history, the Resort's legions of fans are sure to grow
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