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Euro Disney reports reduced losses


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  • Euro Disney reports reduced losses

    Euro Disney reports reduced losses

    Revenues climb at Disneyland Paris

    BY David Hayhurst
    November 8, 2007

    Euro Disney reported that it reduced net losses in the year to September by just over half to e41.6 million ($61 million), down from $129.9 million, as revenues at the Disneyland Paris resort jumped 12% to $1.79 billion.

    The company swung to an operating profit of $74.5 million from a loss of $3.52 million a year earlier.

    Euro Disney attributed the turnaround mainly to more theme park attendance and higher hotel occupancy. Park revenues increased 14% to $965.5 million, primarily due to a 1.7 million rise in visitors on the year to 14.5 million.

    Euro Disney said it will implement a previously approved 1-for-100 reverse share split on Dec. 3.
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    Re: Euro Disney reports reduced losses

    ORGOCH: Good news. Now if'n only somebody'd come along an' rescue Ping Pong Dizzyland like 'at!

    ORWEN: Oh, yes, that would be nice. Hong Kong Disneyland is the struggling park that needs help, now.

    ORGOCH: Ain't that what I just said, sister? Didn't I just say it was high time somebody went 'n rescued Ping Pong Dizzyland?

    ORWEN: Half the time nobody knows what you're saying, old biddy. You need an interpreter everytime you leave a message here!


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