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John Lasseter Talks Wall-E's Love Story
The Pixar prez discusses their next movie.
by Fred Topel | November 15, 2007

Wall-E is shaping up to be a very risky Pixar project. First Fred Willard told us that he is appearing in live-action footage in the computer animated tale. Then word came out that there was very little dialogue amongst the film's robots. Pixar chief John Lasseter revealed even more risks his latest production is taking.
"It's our first foray into science fiction, which I'm excited about. It's a love story. It's got a lot of heart but it's really appealing. It's less dialogue with the characters but it's really fantastic. The art of animation is about the acting that the character does in the story that you're telling, whether it's with dialogue or pantomime."
In the film, central character Wall-E, a comely trash compactor all alone on Earth, falls in love with the shapely probe robot EVE when her ship arrives to check on the planet. Watch the trailer here!
Though Andrew Stanton, co-director of Finding Nemo, is officially taking the reigns of Wall-E, he's not completely alone. As Lasseter explains it: "In those situations we have what we call the creative brain trust which is all the other directors, key story people, and we take a look at the film every three months or so and give comments. We're very honest with each other when it's working and when it's not working. It's about making the movie the best it can be. It doesn't matter whose idea it is."
Wall-E rolls into theaters June 27, 2008.