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Childrens Place Buys DS N.A.


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  • Childrens Place Buys DS N.A.

    I was curious what anybody's opinion is of The Disney Stores North America being bought by the childrens place back in October, I was a former CM and it was some of the hardest news that I ever had to deal with, i mean we were no longer CM's and management could care less, I think it was because they still get a silver pass, so they don't know what it's like to not be a CM.

    "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Your Welcome!"

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    I really hope that TCP will really turn the stores around. As a former store cast member as well, I really hated to see the downward spiral the stores took.

    I loved the days that as cast members we had incentives such as embroidered leather disney jackets (rarely wear mine due to fear of getting a stain!). I even loved it when we would have trivia competitions against other stores and the finalist would go to disneyland for the trivia challenge finals at Tomorrowland Terrace! Being able to film trainings videos like "M.A.G.I.C." made me as a Cast Member feel valued. Activities like these made it a blast to work for The Disney Stores. I look back on my years working at the stores and think how lucky I was that I left when I did (mid 1997). I would have hated to be a cast member and have the knowledge of how it used to be!

    These things are long gone! I hope that TCP can bring the magic back into the remaining stores out there! I hope their focus is on the long haul vs. the short term.


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      Blame eisner for tasking away "pressler" from the stores.... (this has a double meaning..)

      He was a mastermind who made the stores special... a little bit of Disney near your home.... after he left is about when it slowly went down ward and began little kids clothing made for walmart sold higher here land...

      What happened to all the great murchandise.... removed for kids stuff.... I remember the olde stores... and loved them... the newer ones have nothing that interests me...


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        What really makes me sad is seeing all the Disney Store figures being auctioned off on ebay.

        One of my favorite jobs as a castmember at the stores was to dust and clean all the characters overlooking the store. I just wish I had some money to buy a few of them.


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          What villain said.

          I couldn't be happier. As a former castmember, my heart has been breaking for years as the stores turned into "The Disney Rack." Bleck. We would never have had bulk merchandise piles stacked all over the store. Or gaudy window treatments. It's terrible. When I was there, everything told a story, we were all putting on a show, and our philosophy was to make the guest feel like they had magically been transported to Disneyland. Now, its just a soulless shell. I really hope Children's Place restores a lot of those lost bits of magic. It really was a fun place to work or shop.


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