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Mobile marketing: Smart thinking - Brand Republic - 8/3/05


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  • Mobile marketing: Smart thinking - Brand Republic - 8/3/05

    From Brand Republic - 8/3/05

    Mobile marketing: Smart thinking

    With smartphones poised to take off, how can brands use downloadable applications to reach consumers, asks Greg Brooks.

    Mobile phones have become a true multimedia device, enabling owners not only to make calls but also watch videos, send emails and play games.

    Cost-efficient medium

    In this developing market, agencies are seeking to create a business model that will convince brands that mobile applications can be a cost-effective means of communication. A number of issues, such as the development of an advertising-led approach, are being ironed out. This sort of approach will give brands the power to develop genuine one-to-one relationships.

    Publishers, meanwhile, might use the technology to create mini-mobile magazines that could be subscriber-based and updatable.

    A number of heavyweight brands are already getting in on the act.

    BrandHand is also working with Disney on a prototype application that allows users to play games, interact with film content and use a Visa-verified payment system to buy soft toys. But, typical of the general reluctance to push forward too soon in this market, none of the applications are due to launch soon - despite Disney having its own mobile channel in the US.
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