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Akira to be remade as Live Action Movie


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  • Akira to be remade as Live Action Movie

    This I just found out on "I Watch Stuff" a blog about movies. The news is that the classic Anime Movie that really started the big fandom for Anime on a commercial scale, Akira, is to be made into a live action movie. The movie is being done by Leonardo DiCaprio who will also star as Akira, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (From 3rd Rock from the Sun" as wacked out Tesuo. I can't believe this. Again, WHY???? This movie is probably the best anime film ever and now they want to update it to Manhattan and make it live action? :!$#%: :bang:

    This proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hollywood has lost it's creative mind. They just can't do anything new anymore. It's all about redoing things, making movies out of books, old TV shows or endless sequels to movies that weren't all that good to begin with.

    This is a pretty cool movie blog and he doesn't pull any punches with his opinions, plus he gets a lot of cool trailers first.
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    Re: Akira to be remade as Live Action Movie

    Ok, this is about as bad as when I heard my Favorite Anime (Neo Genesis Evangelion) was going to be made into live action. Leave Perfection Alone!!!!

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      Re: Akira to be remade as Live Action Movie

      That movie is too weird to be live action, leave it alone
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        Re: Akira to be remade as Live Action Movie

        Eh. I thought Akira sucked so I'm not too moved. I don't see it as any different, though, than having giant Bionicle robots masquerading as Transformers (In Name Only) in a giant Michael Bay turd-fest. It happens. I don't know who is more souless these days; Hollywood or the audiences who clamor for more of their nonsense.

        (Can you tell I'm in a grumpy mood today? ) )


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          Re: Akira to be remade as Live Action Movie

          Ugh make the madness stop. I forsee crappy CGI effects.
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