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what do you think is the saddest disney animated movie


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  • what do you think is the saddest disney animated movie

    hey i was just wondering about this... there are so many posts about peoples favorite disney happier movies but in your opinion what is the saddest disney movie?

    i love dumbo... and couinceidently it is my favorite and it is the one saddest to me... and it just wasnt the mother and son parts but the entire story of dumbo being made fun of because he was different.

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    Bambi, and book is sad too.


    • #3
      The Fox and the Hound always put a lump in my throat
      Waiting for Godot


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        i loved that movie
        the part that made me cry was when widow tweed was about to realease tod into the wild. that song that plays during the scene is just so sad.


        • #5
          Hunchback of Notre Dame is pretty deperssing. It gets me everytime I see the scene where Quasimodo thinks Esmerelda is dead. I choke up as he starts sobbing or when he gets his heart broken, over looking Phoebus and Esmerelda as they kiss.

          And wouldn't you know, neither Todd nor Copper survives in the end of the Fox and the Hound original novel.
          I lurk.


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            It is a tie between Bambi and Fox & the Hound.


            • #7
              Home on the Range ...

              It was SO bad, it made me cry.

              But seriously ... no, that is the saddest one.


              • #8
                Beauty and the Beast has a few spots that cause lumps to form in my throat.
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                    Brother Bear has a few good emotional parts in it... (hmm.. and where was this created... WDA FLA?? i still think that was three greats and your out..)

                    the next one is bambi...


                    • #11
                      Saddest Scene: Feed the Birds in Mary Poppins
                      Saddest Movie: Lion King. The violent death of Simba's father gets to me more than Bambi's mother because he was a developed character.


                      • #12
                        yet in bambi it was an implied death.. so it is up the the audiene to imagine it....

                        in Lion King it wasn't exactly implied... (excapt scars was somewhat..but i always see a comical death there...)


                        • #13
                          I haven't seen it in ages, but The Fox and the Hound use to always make me cry as a kid.


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                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100th POST!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                            Hands down the single Disney movie that makes me cry EVERY time I see it is Monsters Inc. The relationship formed between Sulley and Boo is so touching. Almost in the way of Romeo and Juliet, they were never meant to be together, and yet fate has created their friendship. At the end, when you think there's just nothing that can be done to keep them together and they may never see each other again, my heart breaks and tears form. :o

                            It's almost bittersweet to me that the door is reassembled for Boo to be visited by "Kitty" once more, because I'm left thinking about how Boo will be growing up, and maybe not remember Sulley when she's older.
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                            • #15
                              I can't believe how many of you consider Eisner movies to be anything comparable to the classics in any way, shape or form. Monsters Inc, Lion King, Brother Bear, and Hunchback, your standards have certainly been lowered. But what do you expect when generations are raised on Sesame Street, MTV and Sex and the City. I agree, Dumbo and Bambi pull at the heartstrings as only the "mother/child" relationship can, but what about Old Yeller? Tommy Kirk shooting his dog has to be the saddest Disney scene (and best live action acting) in the cannon. In most "comming of age" movies these days, the protagonist gains adulthood by either A. losing her virginity or B. fighting with dad. Like Bill Murry says in Stripes, "I cried my eyes out".


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