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NYT: Animated Repatriation: Disney Art Returns


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  • NYT: Animated Repatriation: Disney Art Returns

    An interesting article in today's New York Times on classic Disney animated cels coming back to the US after being in a janitor's closet for 50 years at a Japanese university:

    What's even more interesting for MiceChatters is the line towards the end that says Disney animated cels were sold at Disneyland for a few bucks back in the 60s. And today they can go for $20,000 to $30,000 each! Did anyone buy these back in the day, or even remember them being for sale?

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    Re: NYT: Animated Repatriation: Disney Art Returns

    I think that's an awesome story!

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      Re: NYT: Animated Repatriation: Disney Art Returns

      My Mom had a cell or two that she was given by a Disney animator who was a parent of one of her childhood friends. I think they were from Bambi, but I'd have to ask because it's been years since I've heard her tell the story. Unfortunately, they were destroyed in her youth when the paint stuck to the top of the dresser that she had them on. Very sad.
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        Re: NYT: Animated Repatriation: Disney Art Returns

        Originally posted by vfire View Post
        Did anyone buy these back in the day, or even remember them being for sale?
        I did. I purchased several for about $2.50 if I recall. They were sold in Tomorrowland and also on Main Street near where the ice cream cone window is now. The ones I purchased were mostly from "Peter Pan" "Alice In Wonderland" and "Sleeping Beauty." Some incredible original background paintings were also sold as well, for very little.

        Then years later when the very first Disneyana shop opened on Main Street (about where the jewelry shop that's next to the watch shop is today)...I bought some more, though prices had gone up somewhat by then. I recall purchasing a complete set-up (cel and background) from "Mickey's Christmas Carol" for around $300. Sold it just a few years later for around 2 grand.

        Back then the Disneyana shop sold true vintage Disney memoriblia...not reproductions or commissioned limited editions. Each item sold came with a Disneyana certificate of authenticity card from the Disney Archives, complete with index number. On the back of the card the cashier stamped it with a special Disneyland stamp that indicated the date of purchase and such.

        But my favorite cel stories were hearing from many of the early animators and Disney Legends...about how when they were tossing cels out by the thousands...just trashing they liked to spread them out on the old baseball field (where the Roy O. Disney building is now on the Burbank lot)...and then run and jump on them...doing a sort of slip 'n slide deal with them. They really thought they were pretty worthless!

        Don't think any that are still alive think that anymore!


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